Sept 2, Trench in the City

Same idea, just a bit cuter look!
Jeans and a North Face- the Seattle uniform!

My mother in law is visiting this week so we are heading into the city today. I decided
to wear jeans, flats and a jacket for warmth and comfort. I tried two different looks- on the right I’m wearing straight leg jeans and my North Face jacket. Being a Seattle gal, I love my North Face as much as anyone- but it’s just not that fashionable! On the left I swapped out my regular jeans for a pair of dark skinnys and replaced my North Face with a cute cropped trench. I added a long necklace and another arm party (I’m liking this trend more than I thought!). It’s a much cuter look while accomplishing the same goal- comfort and warmth! I love it!

Cropped trench from H&M in University Village, skinny jeans from Anthropologie.
Arm party again! Bracelets from Target.
Layering the tank underneath means if the sun comes out (wishful thinking?) I can remove the jacket.

3 thoughts on “Sept 2, Trench in the City”

  1. I love this look, casual but cool.
    This is only my third week linking up at WIWW.

    I currently have a fun anything goes linky at my blog that runs Friday through Monday each week. I just announced a new monthly “desperate 4 date night” linky and would love for you to join in on the fun. Here is the link explaing more.

    Thanks for you time and hope to see you soon.

  2. I know what you mean, I have a love/hate relationship with my North Face! It’s sooo comfy and warm, but not as stylish as I’d like! You did a great job, you look FAB in your trench and dark wash skinny jeans!!

    XO Danielle

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