Sept 8th, Working Girl

Cocktail dress dressed down with the blazer and pumps.

Well, kids are off to school- Mother in Law has headed back to Florida- you know what this means-I’m back at work! Today’s outfit is my ‘working girl’ look. I took a cute cocktail dress and paired it with a serious black blazer and black pumps. I like this outfit- because I think this dress is so cute- I love the cool colors, the interesting pattern and my favorite- the unusual neckline. This dress is by the same designer as the asymmetrical top from yesterday- a brand called Ya Los Angeles. I bought it while on vacation at a cute little boutique. But- because I so rarely go to cocktail parties- I wanted to give this dress a chance to shine during the day. By pairing it with the blazer and pumps, it doesn’t look like I’m heading for a night on the town.   What do you wear to work?

No necklace necessary, the unusual neckline stands well enough alone.
For a night out, or if your going for drinks after work, remove the jacket and change shoes!

Blazer: Nordstrom, Shoes: Nordstrom: Dress: Black Dog Boutique

3 thoughts on “Sept 8th, Working Girl”

  1. Very nice look. I would agree solidly to change the shoes for a night out after work… Not that they do not go well with the outfit… They just give the outfit that look of professionalism… Fantastic job!!! 😉

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