Oct 10th, Cardigan Love

A cardigan doesn't have to be boring!
Yikes! You can see the bulge of my tummy with this look- a definite What NOT to wear!

 As you all know, I love a good cardigan.  They add warmth, style and interest to an outfit.
In today’s post, I’m showing two different cardigans- both I like a lot, but in the picture on the right it’s just not working. To be honest, it just seems a little boring.  To make it even worse, you can see the bulge of my tummy!

On the left I am wearing a great alternative to a standard cardigan. With it’s cute collar , unique 3/4 sleeves and the tie in front, it seems more interesting.

As for my jeans- they are Paige Denim.  The dark denim and long length make them perfect for work, (Nordstroms will alter for free if you pay full price- ask to have the original hem re-attached).  They come up high enough around the waist that my undies don’t show and they have lots of stretch to make them comfy. Worth the investment.

On the right I’m wearing boring brown boots. These shoes add nothing to this look. On the left I’ve switched the boots out for snakeskin pointy toed heels. The snakeskin is a perfect match for the oatmeal color of this sweater, and adds polish and style to my look.

I’ve also added a necklace. With the low neckline of the tank, I need something to draw the eye upwards (a tip from a reader yesterday).  The beads in the necklace reflect the oatmeal in the sweater as well.

Love how the tie covers my tummy!
Cute necklace from Jewel Kade.

Cardigan: Nordstrom, Jeans: Nordstrom, Tank: Nordstrom, Button down Cardigan: J Crew, Shoes: DSW

12 thoughts on “Oct 10th, Cardigan Love”

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting! I really appreciate it! I do love my Paige jeans- they do actually fit well- which I have a big butt and wide hips, so it’s hard to find ones that will fit my waist. These work well!
      So glad you like my outfit- I LOVE hearing that from readers.
      Now I’m off to check out your blog…

  1. Your blog is wonderful!! I love how you post two examples…pictures say so much more than words, so I think it’s super helpful. I love the left beige cardigan on you!!

  2. Paige is my go-to for jeans. I only wear a really dark blue.

    I’m sorry but both these cardigans look great on you! You have the perfect body! I typically shy away from the standard cardis like the one the left too because they can come across to “mommy” for my taste and as you pointed out, aren’t the most flattering. That other one is perfect. It covers, flatters, and has movement. Love the sleeves and the belt.

    1. You are too kind! I definitely do not have the perfect body, but I sure love you for saying that!! You made my day!!
      Thanks so much for commenting! I love your blog as well!

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