Oct 15th, Back in Black

The scarf really completes the look!
A little too plain...

Are you beginning to notice a lot of my titles are related to music from my youth? I’m not sure what that’s all about- but let’s just go with it!

Today I am going to be on the sidelines for yet another soccer game! I want to be warm, comfy and stylish. Since it’s not supposed to rain (cross your fingers), I’ve opted for my black Frye boots with black leggings. One note about the leggings, these are actually skinny pants from the Gap- so they are nice and thick and warm. A lot of the cheaper leggings are so thin that you can actually see skin underneath. Not a good idea!

For my top I have this cute oversize tan tunic that has buttons down the front.  For warmth I added this long, super cozy black cardigan and then I simply threw on a necklace and called it good. But- when looking at the photos, I realize this just looks a little plain. Boring.

So, to change things up a bit I threw on a scarf- what’s that you say? Another scarf?! I know, I know! But really, they just make the outfit so much more interesting. Because of the gorgeous colors, this particular scarf is one of my favorite fall pieces. I picked it up at Target- and as Jessica Quirk (What I Wore) suggests, when buying cheaper scarves, iron them and cut the tags off! I might have forgotten the iron part! Whoops!

These leggings are very thick- not a speck of skin can be seen through them. Very important!!

Leggings: Gap, Tunic: H&M, Sweater: Kenzie Girl, Boots: Nordstroms, Scarf: Target

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