Oct. 18th, My Perfect Dress

I love the way this dress hangs- it just has such a casual and comfy feel to it!
This works- but it's so expected!

I read somewhere that when you are shopping and looking for the perfect dress- you will know it as soon as you try it on. This isn’t always true- but for this dress it was!

There is something I just really love about it! It fits well, I love the stripes and it is super comfy- yet there is something more…

I think part of it is the long sleeves! I’ve mentioned before how I am always cold- so long sleeves is a great way to keep my arms warm!

I also love the way this dress has elastic around the waistline- giving the top this lovely drapey look- and then giving the bottom half a more slender look.

To make this look a little more stylish-and not too predictable- I added a braided brown leather belt, some grey colored tights (I’m liking these colored tights more than I thought), and brown boots. To compliment the entire outfit- I added a necklace (this makes a V and draws the eye down- competing with the whole horizontal thing). As an added bonus- I just happened to have a purse that matches my boots- so thought you’d like seeing that as well.

This dress is ideal to me because it can be worn to work, to a PTSA meeting (as in today!) to run errands in, or even for the weekend- throw a cute denim jacket and scarf over it!

I’m telling ya, you’ll be seeing this new friend again!

I like the brown and black together- it's a great color combo

Dress: Nordstrom, Boots: Target, Tights: DSW, Purse: Michael Kors, Necklace: gift from mom!

13 thoughts on “Oct. 18th, My Perfect Dress”

    1. Too funny, you were actually with me when I bought this- we were at Nordstrom in downtown Seattle. You will find it on the sale rack now- and the brand is MICHAEL Michael Kors. The department is Point of View! Good luck! It is really the most comfortable thing I’ve ever owned!
      Miss you…

  1. SO funny! I never saw it on you, which is why I don’t remember it. I was all wrapped up in my bra fitting. 🙂 Can’t find it online, but I’m going to try in the store.

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