Oct 26th, Work it Wednesday

Today I’m participating in Jill from Good Life’s weekly link-up party where we show 1 item worn 3 ways. I’ve decided to go with a wardrobe staple, the black pencil skirt.

I love the pencil skirt for work because it’s so easy to wear and so much cuter than black pants.

I work in a very conservative field- so this look is perfect for me- but if you work in a more trendy field, make sure to keep your outfit current with a cute top,  jacket, sweater or accessories!

As seen on the left, I paired it with a animal print top and cute jacket. The animal print is unexpected, yet because it’s under the jacket- it isn’t too edgy.

On the right I decided to try another very conservative jacket- but paired with this bright orange tank makes it more modern.

Below, I’m showing an outfit I wore a few weeks ago- I paired my skirt with a sweater, scarf and boots. I think this one might be my favorite!

If you don’t own a pencil skirt- you could try any of these tops and jackets with dark jeans- it would look really cute as well!

Skirt: Gap, Jacket on Left: JC Penny, Jacket on Right: White House, Black Market, Leopard Shirt: Express, Orange Tank: H&M, Shoes: Nordstroms

7 thoughts on “Oct 26th, Work it Wednesday”

  1. I am a HUGE fan of the black pencil skirt. I make sure to always have one or two in my closet. It’s especially great during the holidays. Megan, are you a fan of Kate Middleton’s shiny and sheer pantyhose?

    1. Hi Mary and Laura,
      Thanks for your question about pantyhose. To be honest, I’m not a fan of hose! I know Kate Middleton is extremely stylish, but I just don’t think pantyhose are for me… Instead, try colored tights! In fact, today I actually ditched the pointy shoes and am wearing grey tights and boots with my pencil skirt. It was a lot colder outside than I expected!

      What do you all think? Pantyhose- yes or no?

      1. Perhaps its more of a comment on my age (over 40) but I like the pantyhose. Only for certain occasions. However, I have yet to wear them.

      2. It’s a tough call! They look lovely on Kate Middleton, of course, and they really do finish a dressy look. Perhaps we’re just so casual here in Seattle, that they don’t seem right with our clothing choices. Maybe I’ll try sheer and shiny pantyhose for the holidays. I have to at least buy a pair to see it they are more comfy than they used to be.

      3. You’ve nailed it- it really does make a difference where you live! In Seattle we are so much more laid back! Good idea trying them for the holidays- they do make your legs look lovely (and keep them warm)!

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