Nov 1st, True Confessions

This is a hard post because my goal in this style project is to wear outfits that are cute and inspired and I know no one will want to copy this outfit, but the truth is- I’m so exhausted by Halloween and all it’s festivities that I honestly don’t feel like get dressed today.

I considered putting on something cute, taking my picture and then changing into this. But, I’m committed to being real and honest in this blog.  So, there you have it- this is me- in my casual, post halloween hangover outfit.

The whole look is based on the fact that my feet hurt and I want to wear my tennis shoes and I refuse to wear them with anything but work out clothes.

My pants are from Lulu, which I LOVE because of the way they fit, and my jacket is Adidas. I like the way it has a little built in gather to emphasize my waist. Because I like showing comparisons, the look on the right is basically the same outfit- workout pants and jacket (or in this case fleece), but these loose and baggy pants are awful and the black fleece also does nothing for my figure.

So, if you’re feeling exhausted from too much Halloween and you just want to be ultra comfy and casual today- think about how even in casual work out clothes you can be sort of cute… right?

Wear a thong or go without undies when wearing tight pants like these. No one wants to see granny panty outline!

5 thoughts on “Nov 1st, True Confessions”

  1. Kudos to you for keeping it real. One suggestion for your readers – I totally agree with you on the whole sneakers-only-go-with-workout-clothes thing, but for those who must have on a pair of tennis shoes, several companies have started making sneaker-like shoes that are styled like ballet flats. I have a pair from Puma and they’re super comfortable, but still vaguely cute. They look great with yoga pants or leggings, and aren’t horrible with jeans.

    1. Hi Brooke! Thanks for writing and for the great advice. Puma flats are a great alternative to tennis shoes, plus they are adorable, and comfy too!

  2. Megan – you always look cute! Throw a tank under the jacket for a pop of color at the top – it will even help your hangover. Feel better!

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