Nov 4th, Dressed for Success

Pardon the lame title! I’ve said this before, but dresses are such an easy outfit choice for a few reasons.

1.No need to match top and bottom- it’s done for you!

2. They are super comfy- usually no restricting waistband!

3. Perfect for work or even running errands.

Don’t be afraid to wear a dress during the day. With the right shoes and accessories, you will NOT look overdressed (unless you’re wearing sequins or a cocktail dress).

Today I am wearing a dress that I originally passed on- reason should be evident by this picture on the right. It’s shapeless form does nothing for my figure. But, it was on sale and I am a sucker for stripes!

Plus, when you add a belt and a jacket and a scarf- it becomes a great piece that actually works!

I decided to try a solid scarf as well as this colorful one. Which look do you like better?

Another shoe option would have been my rugged booties with some cute scrunched socks. Maybe next time!

Let me apologize for both the lame title and the shadowy photos. I’m clearly a novice!

Dress: Sears (Land’s End), Jacket: Old Navy, Colorful Scarf: Louis Permilia, Boots: DSW, White Scarf: Gift

2 thoughts on “Nov 4th, Dressed for Success”

  1. I love this look! Great fall layering, and I especially like the way the patterned scarf looks with your striped dress.

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