Nov 27th, Home Again

After a lovely week in Hawaii, I’m now happy to be home. Maybe ’cause I’m a Kansas girl, but to me, there’s no place like home!

Today’s outfit is a weekend, casual look. I’ve paired a denim shirt with a classic cable knit sweater and my boyfriend jeans. I then added my wedge boots to give the outfit an unexpected kick.

On the right you can see how this over-size sweater is not quite working for me. Similar to what I showed a few weeks ago- dressing in large clothes is not flattering, no matter what size you are- it will make you look enormous. Instead, opt for something more fitted- something that works with your figure- not against it!

The sweater on the left is a great example of why to always buy quality when it comes to a classic piece like this. This sweater was purchased by my grandfather in approx 1955 in Ireland. It was given to my mother- who then passed it down to me. It’s been sitting on the top shelf of my closet for years- and then I finally pulled it down, tried it on and wow!

I am so excited- it’s a beautiful piece that maybe I’ll pass down to my daughter one day… you think?

Love the leather covered buttons- such beautiful craftsmanship. They don't make them like this anymore!

Sweater: Gift from Mom, Jeans: Gap, Denim Shirt: Martin and Osa, Boots: Marshalls

3 thoughts on “Nov 27th, Home Again”

  1. What a great find! You’re right…..the quality of that sweater is hard to find nowadays unless maybe you shell out pretty big bucks. I LOVE the leather-covered buttons! I like the oversized sweater…..but perhaps paired with skinny jeans and tall boots…that might be a bit more flattering.

    Either way, you look wonderful in your current outfit! I love those boots you have on….every time I see them in one of your pics, I’m always like, “Dang, I gotta get me a pair of those!” They add so much to every outfit you pair them with!

    Hope Hawaii was wonderful …it’s on my list of places I want to see someday….!


  2. Welcome home! I love your sweater. My parents had sweaters just like that when I was a kid. I’ll have to check with my dad to see if he still has his, even though on me it would fall into the category of wearing clothes that are too big… 🙂 Still, it would be a great find! Love your look.

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