Dec 1st, Who Doesn’t Love A Challenge?

Ever since I started blogging- and reading other blogs- I keep seeing this thing called ‘30 for 30 Challenge’. I may be wrong, but I think it was created by a well known blogger named Kendi.

Another thing that keeps happening is that I get asked a lot ‘have you had to buy a ton of new clothes?’ The answer is NO!

Although I’d love to- it’s simply not feasible or realistic. Of course I’ve picked up a few cute things here and there- but what I really want to do is wear the clothes I already own!

One of my goals of this blog is to show real moms that it is possible to look great without having to buy an entire new wardrobe. A few key pieces and some great accessories are all you need!

So…….. with that in mind and since it is the season of giving- I decided that instead of buying anything new for myself this month, I would try this 30 for 30 challenge– but on my terms!

Here are my rules:

1. I picked 30 items from my closet to wear over the next 30 days (I cheated and picked 32… couldn’t help it)

2. Shoes, scarves, tights and other accessories don’t count! Plan on seeing a lot!

3. White or off white tanks don’t count ( I consider this my base layer to keep me warm!)

4. For holiday parties I may wear a cocktail dress, which doesn’t count!

Bear with me, this could be a long month…

Here are the clothes I picked:

Amazing how few items there are here...

Here’s the breakdown:

5 pants

Skinny jeans (Madewell)

Dressy Jeans for wearing with heels (Paige Premium Denim)

Boyfriend Jeans (Old Navy)

Black skinny (Gap)

Cream cords (Nordstrom)

3 skirts

Black pencil skirt- Gap
Brown pencil skirt- Nordstrom (this is what I wore yesterday.)
Pink skirt- J Crew

1 Dress

Dress- Banana Republic

2 Jackets

Brown leather jacket- Marshalls
Jean jacket- Old Navy

2 Blazers

Cream blazer- Kohls
Blue Blazer- Land's End (I may end up switching this for my black blazer... haven't decided)

Fur vest

Fur vest: Marshalls

4 Sweaters:

Blue dolman sleeve- Nordstrom
Black turtleneck: Black Market, White House
Oatmeal cableknit; J Crew
Gray sweater- Louis Permilia

4 Cardigans

Cream with details on neckline- Nordstrom
Buttons down the back- Lands End
Pink- 3/4 sleeve: Nordstrom
Gray grandpa sweater: J Crew

9 Blouses/ Tops

Painter's shirt- H&M
Chambray shirt- Target
Denim shirt- Martin and Osa


Shimmery tank- French Connection
Striped shirt- J Crew
Patterned shell- Macy's
Striped shirt- Anthropologie
White v neck- Nordstroms
Animal print tank- Express

So here we go! Wish me luck and feel free to send in suggestions or pictures of your own cute outfits!

My first 30 in 30 outfit! I decided to go with my Paige jeans, this shimmery tank and the off white cardigan. I’ve added pearls and snakeskin heels to make it modern and youthful.

The shimmery tank works for day because I've kept it conservative with the pearls and cardigan.
A close up so you can see the details on the collar.
I avoided this cardigan for a long time because I considered it too matronly. Buttoned up and with dress pants, it does look a little dated and old fashioned.

2 thoughts on “Dec 1st, Who Doesn’t Love A Challenge?”

  1. I’ve considered doing this challenge myself, but I also know myself too well … I’ll give up after a week when I acquire something cute from a sale at Macys or Gap. And then i’ll want to wear it stat and show it off on the blog and with friends or for something get-together and then I’ll blow it. See, I just know it.

    I love the items you’ve picked though, and I think the cardigan today is very nice, later in the challenge you can pair it with skinny jeans and a belt around your high waist and see if it breaks your feeling of it being matronly, but I think it looks nice today too!
    You have some great pieces, I would kill for the striped Jcrew top or the paige denim trousers your wearing today!

    1. I’m a little worried too… especially since I’ll be out Christmas shopping and I know I’ll see some fabulous things that I just have to have. BUT- I am really serious about trying not to shop for myself. Wish me luck!
      I know come Jan I’ll be very ready to hit the mall! 🙂
      thanks for your comment!

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