Dec 7th, 30 for 30- Day 7

 I’ve got some Christmas shopping to do today, I’m heading to University Village- (for you non locals, it’s an outdoor shopping area) and I want to be warm, stylish and comfy- so I’ve opted for my skinny black pants, my cable knit turtleneck, black flat boots and then added this cute coat. It’s wool, so it’s super warm, and the belt helps emphasize my waist.

It’s easy to look enormous in a coat- so be sure try on lots to find one that is flattering. I recently went shopping with a petite friend, and we realized that many lengths/ styles of coats just didn’t look right.  She finally found one that is hip length and belted- so it doesn’t cut her legs in half (making them look even shorter), while also emphasizing her waist. To see it, click here.

I found this great coat at Target, and recently saw that now it's on sale!

Boots: Nordstroms, Pants: Gap, Turtleneck: J Crew

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