Dec 22nd, 30 for 30- Day 22

Boy it’s a frosty morning- but still no sign of snow, so I’m thinking we will not be having a white Christmas this year. Darn!

Today I’m wearing my black skinny pants with this cute animal print top and my grey grandpa cardigan.

I used to be afraid to wear animal prints like this during the day- thinking they were too dressy, or too wild for ‘everyday’ style. But then I decided- what the heck?

Wearing this tank makes me feel fun- and gives my outfit a little kick. I’m needing that right now…

I’ve also changed out my shoes. On the right I have on these awful black things. They make my feet look enormous, and do nothing for my style. It’s hard to see in the photo how bad they are, so I’ve included a picture below. In theory, they are sort of cute, right? Unfortunately, they don’t work with skinny pants.

Nice mud on the sole! Yuck!

Instead of the black shoes, I’m wearing my black boots- yes, I do wear these almost everyday (in the winter), but they are warm, comfy and stylish. Why mess with that?

The long sweater hides my butt- which is important when wearing pants these tight!

Pants: Gap, Tank: Express, Cardigan: J Crew, Boots: Nordstrom

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