Jan 2nd, Keeping it Real

I apologize for not posting yesterday! First time in 143 days that I’ve missed a day, and I am so sorry!

We spent New Year’s Eve at a hotel in Seattle and then spent all day yesterday walking around, shopping, eating and exploring our wonderful city. By the time I got home it was too late.

Today’s outfit is not that exciting, but you know how I feel about ‘keeping it real’ here, so this is really what I’m wearing.

I’m going to take my puppy for a walk, then spend the rest of the day cleaning out my closet (now that I know I don’t need so many clothing, I’ve decided it’s time for a BIG clean out). I’m also going to do laundry, clean my kitchen, change the sheets, plan my meals for the week…

You know the drill- all those essential things that must get done that no one else in the family notices!

I’m showing 2 options of my ‘dog walking’ outfit. The one on the right is just a little plain- the grey fleece is unflattering and dull. The one on the left is more fun. The bright pink top is more eye catching, and it matches my new running shoes (which I got at Plateau Runner– a new local store, check it out)! The black  panels on the sides of this fleece are flattering, giving the appearance of a more defined waist.

Happy New Year!

Enjoy your day!

3 thoughts on “Jan 2nd, Keeping it Real”

  1. cute pink tennies…it’s a great day to get all those things done! i have so much to do as well. cleaning, putting away holiday stuff, writing thank you notes- trying to fit in with little chunks of time here and there while the baby sleeps.

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