Jan 4th, Work It Wednesday

Now that I’m back at work, I need to dress up a bit- so today’s outfit is one of my favorite dresses (which I think is actually a nightgown) made into a skirt.

First, I simply added a black v neck shirt and a necklace. I love the neckline of this shirt, it is very flattering. I think the plain black top works because the skirt has so many details with the ruffles.

In the next version I decided to add a bit more color- so I added this purple sweater over the black shirt, then I  added a gorgeous scarf that ties all the colors together.

The purple sweater and scarf add a burst of color.
Without the scarf- a necklace works well to tie in the black.

For my 3rd look I added a grey flannel blazer to make it look more professional. I like the belt on the blazer because it emphasizes my waist.

To make it more professional, I added the belted blazer.

Work it Wednesday and What I Wore Wednesday are great places to find inspiration, so please take a minute to click on the link and check out some other great styles!

Have a wonderful day!

Dress: Anthropologie, Shirt: Nordstrom, Purple Sweater: Nordstrom, Scarf: Target, Blazer: Banana Republic, Boots: Nordstrom

8 thoughts on “Jan 4th, Work It Wednesday”

  1. The version with the purple sweater & scarf is my fav! But how could this dress really be a nightgown? It’s so cute and is perfect for a dress/skirt!

    1. Thanks! The lighting is so bad in my bathroom that it’s hard to see the details, but it is grey flannel- which is a nice change up from my black blazer that I wear all the time! I bought it several years ago- but didn’t wear it much until lately!
      Thanks so much for stopping by- and commenting! Comments make my day! 🙂

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