Jan 20th, On the Fence

Hello Friends! After an entire day of no electricity, I’m so happy to have the power back on and access to my computer! Yeah! Thank you Puget Sound Energy!

Since it’s yet another cold and snowy day, my outfit today will need to be warm, comfy and casual! Big surprise there, huh?

I’ve opted for my gray skinny cords and this cute striped turtleneck from J Crew.

I think it looks great alone, but to add just a little something different, I’ve thrown on this utility vest. Not 100% sure that I love this outfit- the color combo is something I’ve never worn before.

Please let me know what you think. You won’t hurt my feelings, I promise!

One more thing… You know I love these link up parties, so today I’m linking up with Girlymama and All Things Chic for Fashion Friday today. Be sure to click here to check out other great ideas! I also am participating in My Greatest Hits ABC’s of Fashion.

What do you think of this combo? Does it work? I honestly am not sure!


Pants: Banana Republic, Turtleneck: J Crew, Vest: Old Navy, Shoes: Kohl’s

11 thoughts on “Jan 20th, On the Fence”

  1. I am not an expert by ANY means, but I think your outfit looks great! I never would have thought to put brown and gray together, but it works!

    I really appreciate how you take the time to look put-together and try things that are out of your comfort zone! It encourages me to try it for myself!

  2. I think that you look so good! This combo suits perfect on you, maybe I couldn´t try on me ´cause I look better with winter colors, but it looks all over very casual and nice. And, of course, I love your boots! Since a few months ago, hahahahaha

  3. I think you should have stayed with the black shoes? IMO it looks like you are trying to hard with the vest and boots. The first outfit is already cute and then to add the vest gives it enough twist. The vest is the unexpected piece and then to change the boots too throws it off…for me anyways. Its like when you wear a black and grey outfit and then brown boots-just the boots are enough. Do I make any sense?

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