Jan 29th, You Be The Judge

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This is one of those outfits that I think is really cute, but my husband hates it. Not sure what exactly about it that he hates- he just does.

So, I’ve decided to let you all decide. Is this cute? Is it awful? What could I do to make it cuter (if anything)?, or is it time for the Goodwill?

Originally I had it on as you see on the right, but I decided the white t shirt underneath takes away from the cute neckline of this smock, so I changed it out for a 3/4 sleeve, v neck shirt, and added a necklace.

My favorite part of the entire outfit are these new shoes I just picked up at Nordstrom. As you may know- I hate tennis shoes (unless I’m working out), but love comfort. These cute little Puma’s are the perfect solution. They feel like tennis shoes, but look like ballet flats!

Where have they been all my life?! Prepare to see these babies a lot!

What do you say, is this a keeper?

Shirt: Anthropologie, Pants: Marshalls, T Shirt: Nordstrom, Shoes: Nordstrom, Necklace: Jewel Kade

15 thoughts on “Jan 29th, You Be The Judge”

  1. I think it’s really cute on you! But if you think about what a smock traditionally is, I can understand why a guy wouldn’t like one. They can look like an apron, or a cover-up a kid wears in art class! But this one has style and is cute on you!

  2. I like it! I think the sleeves could stand to be a little longer maybe, but I love the wrap otherwise. If you wanted to change it up a little, you could do a red belt (or another color) and/or maybe shiny red flats.

    1. I’m not either (crazy about the sleeves)! I went to the mall and felt really un-fashionable and out of date, so although I think this is cute- I’ve decided there is something ‘off’ and this will go to the Goodwill. Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. I love the style of the Pumas–what a great pair!!

    yeah, I agree on the sleeves. the look is a bit better with the lower neckline than the higher neckline white shirt underneath, but the sleeves are bugging me. Otherwise, it’s still a cute look. Probably a different belt would update it, too.

  4. I agree with the comments on the sleeves. I too have problems wearing puffy little cap sleeves, and frilly details – I think they end up looking too young and girly on me. A plain cap is usually better, gives a stronger shoulder line. And my husband hates them on me too!!! He has a definite style he prefers on me, and often tells me what he thinks of my outfits (not usually positive!!;-)) But I have learned that he is probably right, even if I don’t want to admit it.

  5. I agree…something is “off” and I think it’s the sleeves. The outfit looks a little better with the lower front shirt but it’s still “off” looking.

  6. The rest of the shirt is so cute though. Maybe you could try taking the cap sleeves on and having it be sleeveless. With the same white shirt under it you’d still have coverage but the shoulder line would be a little simpler. Worth trying if you’re just going to give it away anyways.

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