Feb 6th, Stripes Again!

I just can’t seem to help myself when it comes to stripes. I absolutely love them, but sometimes they don’t love me back!

Take this shirt on the right for instance. The bold wide stripes paired with the skinny jeans and the shrunken cardigan is simply not flattering.

I look wide and hippy- and the tiny sweater emphasizes this even more. Guess this is another one for the donation pile!

On the left I have re-created the same idea, but using a longer shirt that has skinnier stripes and more space in between them.

I’ve paired it with a long cardigan (that covers my butt) and some fun leopard flats.  Notice I’ve added a necklace as well- these long necklaces tend to draw a V down the front- which helps break up the striped pattern- and helps with slimming. (I actually probably should have chosen an even longer one- I’m learning too! 🙂

Sadie wanted to be in the picture today.
Love the leopard shoes with this outfit!

I’m linking up with the BonBon Rose Girls Monday Mingle today- so be sure to check out some other great sites by clicking here.

Jeans: Anthropologie, Striped shirt: J Crew, Cardigan: Gap, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Kohl’s

8 thoughts on “Feb 6th, Stripes Again!”

  1. Um, “wide and hippy”? I haven’t seen anything that you have ever posted that has made you look wide and hippy! You can even rock and outfit that doesn’t quite rock!

    Thanks for your fashion inspiration. I am slowly but surely trying to quit my jeans and t-shirt habit.

  2. I’m a huge fan of stripes too. It’s all about proportion. All outfits are really. I know I always tell you but I love that you walk people through this bc it’s not as easy for some people and the explanation really helps.

  3. Love this blog — it is so helpful to find advice that is so practical and before/afters that are so similar to what’s in my closet already. Thank you!!

  4. I share your love for stripes! Your outfit is basic chic!
    As for the cardi on the right, have you tried to pair with a skirt or a dress? It would look great, I am sure!

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