Feb 15th, Cargos

 I’ve been searching everywhere for some skinny cargos- and have been unable to find any.

In the meantime I am stuck with these baggy ones. I actually love these though- because they feel like pajama bottoms!

I’m showing how paired with a plain black tank (even though I really love this tank) is not very exciting.

On the left I have rolled the hemline of my pants, switched out these awful flip flops for cute red flats and then added this fun shirt I picked up at Target the other day.

I know I swore off buying cheapy clothing, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.

I like the neckline of this top- the deep V  is flattering, and love the pattern (which for you regular readers know I NEVER wear pattern!).

Now if only I could find the perfect skinny cargo. Anyone?

I’m linking up with What I Wore Wednesday at the Pleated Poppy. Be sure to check them out too!

I like the loose, flowy style of this shirt- perfect for hiding a not so perfect tummy!
You could wear this top with jeans instead.
It even looks cute with my white jeans.


23 thoughts on “Feb 15th, Cargos”

  1. I swear I just saw skinny cargos on gap.com. Check it out! PS – I’m a new reader and I’m really enjoying your daily posts 🙂

  2. Michael Kors had an adorable skinny cargo that was so flattering last summer (it is still showing on his website but it is listed as sold out). It sold out ASAP, so I am hoping he does another for the spring. Keep your eyes peeled for it.

  3. Yesterday I wore an outfit inspired by the last post you did about rolled-up cargos. Alas, I only had my convertable hiking pants, but close enough. It worked!

    I think if you get a material that’s not so stiff, regular cargoes are fine. Slim cut is the ideal so you don’t look like you’re going to build a house.

  4. That top looks better with the slimmer pants. I would do rolled (or unrolled) skinny jeans, or the skinny cargos if you can find them. Not so much for the jeans or cargos above.

  5. DKNY had some skinny cargos on sale (with a hefty price) but I bet in a month or so we’ll find a lot more skinny cargos in the store for the spring/summer. Or at TJMaxx/ Marshalls on sale. Personally, I like cargos better with a more fitted top. Something about that top and the cropped pants seem off to me though. Like the top though.

    1. I think you are right- I ended up wearing the top with the skinny white pants- and actually, I am not 100% convinced I like this top- this style can sometimes look maternity. I’m worried someone is going to ask me when my baby is due! LOL!

      1. I hear you! I tried it on at the store over the top of another shirt and didn’t really try it on till I got home. I am planning to return it because it looks so much like the maternity stuff that I am getting rid of. It doesn’t work if you have extra weight on your body because then it makes you look even bigger. I think this style looks best with tight/form fitting bottoms. It’s very cute though!

      2. yeah, sometimes you think you’re hiding your tummy and instead accentuating it . In my case, tops like this make me look all ‘busty’ (that’s my grandmother’s word, and she doesn’t mean it in a good way) she means matronly and droopy.

        still, I think you could find something to wear with it beyond the skinny white jeans. or maybe it needs heels?

    1. Will do! I did find the Sanctuary ones at a little boutique today- but they didn’t have my size- darn! A reader sent a link for these from Land’s End. http://bit.ly/zB3jI1- but I wonder if the green is a little off. I might see if they have them at my local Sears when I get home.
      I’m in Southern CA- and it has been nice and warm. Heading back to Seattle tomorrow…

  6. I think options 2 & 3 work, with 3 being my favorite. Did you try pairing this top with your new colored denim? Good luck with the skinny cargos I saw some at Kohl’s.

  7. I just want to say I really really enjoy your blog. So helpful. I am a little disappointed that you consider a top from Target as “cheapy” clothing. I just want to say that I shop at Target. That comment to me comes across kinda like a clothes snob which I really hope you are not. Anyway just know not everyone can afford expensive clothes and some of us have to bargain shop.

    1. I am really sorry and would never mean to offend anyone. I, too, love Target and think their clothes are adorable. I wear lots of things from there (my leopard shoes and belt are some of my favorites- not to mention my trench coat).
      So again, please accept my apology. Part of the reason for this blog is to show gals that you can look great by shopping at Target, Kohl’s, Old Navy.
      Thanks for reminding me what my purpose is.

      1. After I wrote my comment I felt really bad because I know its a free country and you are only trying to help us fashionably challenged. I really love your sight and thank you for helping us. You are talented. I apologize please keep being the awesome blogger you are. BTW someone’s listening to you because today Target only had two of those blouses on the rack. Lol. Hope you’re feeling better.

      2. Don’t be silly, you shouldn’t feel bad at all- but you are very sweet to write! I actually think you did me a favor- reminding me that the purpose of this blog is to help moms dress great while on a budget. Calling Target clothes ‘cheapy’ was a mistake- because it sounds so negative. They are cheap clothes- but that’s what I love about them! My theory is you mix something a little more expensive with something inexpensive and you can achieve a really classy and great look.

        I think what I meant by my comment (I’m trying to swear off buying cheapy clothing) was that I am trying to invest in some more expensive pieces that will last me for years- rather than having a closet full of Target shirts. However, that being said, Target is awesome for some inexpensive ways to freshen up your wardrobe! Does that make sense?!

        Again, thanks so much for your comments! I truly appreciate them.

  8. I recently found your blog and I love it. You have really encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. You do a great job showing how to take an outfit up a notch and it is all do-able. I will say though that I love the before outfit in this post. Guess that is because it is something I would totally wear. 😉

    1. Thank you Stephanie! I appreciate your kind words- so glad this has helped you find inspiration. I have totally changed the way I get dressed as a result of this ‘experiment’- by which I mean actually taking the time to plan outfits and make an effort. It’s fun to look and feel good.

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