Feb 16th- Two Wrongs Make a Right?

I feel like I have had 2 days in a row of misses- yesterday’s shirt looked like a maternity top & my pants were too baggy and the day before I looked like an 80’s revival. Yikes!

My excuse is I’m on vacation and my brain is not functioning correctly. Maybe it’s the sunshine! LOL!

I appreciate all the comments/ feedback from yesterday. Thanks for the suggestions on where to find skinny cargos, as soon as I find a pair I love I will definitely share.

Today I’ve opted for my skinny jeans and another patterned top.

I’ve added this cute open/ drapey cardigan. On the right I show how this paired with a white shirt and jeans works- but it’s a little dull.

By adding the patterned shell I give the entire look much more interest, don’t you think? Now all I need is a necklace…

I like how this top drapes at the neckline.

Jeans: Madewell, Top: Macys, Cardigan: Nordstrom, Shoes: Nordstrom

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