Feb 17th- Red Eye

Sorry for the delayed post. We took the red eye home from CA last night- and got home at 2:00 am. Remind me never to do that again!

I’m planning on running a bunch of errands today,  so I’ve opted for a really simple, yet comfy outfit (as usual).

I’ve chosen my grey cords and a blue cable knit sweater. On the right the 2 together look rather blah- (especially in this bad lighting) but by simply adding a striped shirt under my sweater and then accessorizing with the red necklace and shoes- the outfit takes on a totally different look.
I remember when I was younger and I thought the only thing you can wear under a sweater was a turtleneck. Preferably one with dolphins or rainbows (LOL!  Just watch these will probably come back into style- I sincerely hope not). My point is- when these turtlenecks went out of style I didn’t know what to wear under sweaters. (I know, I told you I’m no fashion expert!). Luckily, I’ve learned that you can throw a sweater over a t shirt or a blouse and achieve a pretty cute look, if I do say so myself!
I’m linking with Fashion Friday  with my friends at Girlymama today! Be sure to check them out too! Have a great weekend.
I like how the stripes break up the solid colors.

Shirt: J Crew, Sweater: Old Navy, Pants: Banana Republic, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Cookie Lee

4 thoughts on “Feb 17th- Red Eye”

  1. I love the layered look on you. I have no idea how to layer, and your posts have been very helpful. I got my new puma flats (brown) in the mail, and they are sooooo comfortable!! Thanks for the tip. The grey ones on on sale at Nordstrom, so I orderedthem because I love them that much! Welcome home 🙂

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