Feb 22nd, It’s Going Around

 Thank you so much for all the sweet comments from yesterday! I was so surprised and flattered that people took the time to write and tell me to feel better! Wow! What a supportive and great community this blogging world is!

Thank you!~

I am feeling so much better today, but unfortunately now my son has it. ARGH! I guess it’s going around- many of my neighbors said they have it too.

So- today’s outfit is not really what I am wearing- I’m actually still in my jammies- but I took a photo over the weekend of a potential outfit, so I thought I’d show it.

I’ve shown this picture on the right before- but it was a while ago, so I thought I could show it again. This was me- a year ago (before my style project!)

I see lots of moms wearing outfits like this- and while they will definitely stay dry- it’s not that stylish.

On the left I have re-created the same idea- jeans (or in this case black skinny jeans), boots, a waterproof jacket. I’ve gotten rid of these horrid pink rain boots and replaced them with my Frye’s. They technically aren’t rainboots- but  I sprayed on a treatment  so that they are water repellent, and it’s not like I’m going to be standing in the rain.

My jacket isn’t technically a rain jacket either- but again- this outfit isn’t for a soccer game- this is for running errands- darting in and out of the car on a wet or gloomy day. Plus, isn’t that what umbrellas are for?

This jacket will keep me  warm and dry- and the style is much more current than the bright blue raincoat.  A nice snuggly warm turtleneck also helps keep me toasty.

It’s got the ‘rocker chic’ vibe to it, which I’ve discovered is my alter ego! Who knew?

Have a great day and stay healthy! As my mom always says- ‘wash your hands often!’

As usual, it’s Wednesday, so I’ve hooked up with The Pleated Poppy!

*** 11:42 Outfit update! ***

I had to run to the store today to get some children’s Tylonal so I had to take off my jammies and  actually get dressed. I decided this Burberry rain jacket would be even better than the motorcycle style jacket I originally showed. This was a gift from my hubby a few years ago. I love it, it is a classic look that will never go out of style.

This Burberry raincoat is a more stylish alternative than the blue rain jacket!

Jeans: Gap, Turtleneck: J Crew, Boots: Nordstrom. Jacket: Nordstrom, Necklace: Forever 21

7 thoughts on “Feb 22nd, It’s Going Around”

  1. Thank you for this down-to-earth, but fun blog you’ve created! My style is similar to yours & I am in the market for tall, black boots. Can you tell me which style fryes they are? Do you think they were worth the price? Thank you so much!!

    1. Hi! Thank you for your kind compliment! I’m so glad you like my blog- it is definitely not cutting edge fashion, but what stay at home mom wears that?!
      I do love my Frye boots. They are Melissa style- and they were expensive (my hubby gave them to me for my b day). But I do think they are worth the money. They have held up incredibly well (as you might know, I wear them almost daily), they are very comfy and the style is classic- so I can wear them for years. Since they are from Nordstrom, if anything should happen to them- they are guaranteed to replace them- so that helps too! Good luck and thanks again for commenting! I love hearing from readers!

  2. Please, can I just come live in your closet? It would be so much easier for me.

    I just spent the last hour getting dressed and I kept thinking “if my head was cut off in this mirror would I look as good as Megan?”

    1. Haha! You are too sweet~ I do think I look a lot better with my head cut off- saves me from having to actually comb my hair or put makeup on when I do my photos! LOL

  3. So glad you feel better. I have been looking at Frye boots also, but I just can’t get myself to pay that much for boots yet. I feel guilty spending that much on myself. Maybe I can drop not-so-subtle hints to my hubby for a birthday present.

    1. I hear ya, the Frye’s are ridiculously expensive, but I apply what I learned from Jessica Quick (What I Wore). She recommends considering price per wear. If I wear the boots every other day in the winter (3 months = 90 days divided by 2 = 45 times) and have had them for 2 years- that’s 90 times I’ve worn them. Take the price of the boots and divide by number of times worn and they don’t seem too outrageous. Especially since they are so well made and will last for several more years. I have found that when I buy less expensive items- they tend to not last as long.
      Plus- it helps that my b-day and Christmas are close together, so it was a combo gift! 🙂 Definitely drop some hints to your hubby. That’s what I do!

      I have a friend that keeps a manila folder and anytime she sees something in a magazine that she likes, she rips it out and puts it in the folder- then her husband can go through the folder and get gift ideas. Fun huh?

  4. I just read an article on Aint no Mom Jeans that had the same idea about quality clothes and shoes being worth it because they last longer. It’s just so easy to pick up clothes from Old Navy or Target. I love that manila folder idea! I might have to steal that idea. Thanks!

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