Feb 24th, Spring Wish List

Now that I”m so into clothes, it’s tempting (but clearly not practical) to buy an entire new spring wardrobe. Being on a limited budget I made a list of my top 10 items for spring and I’ve done a little shopping…

Today I’m showing one of my new purchases, a yellow blazer. I have gotten really into blazers/ jackets this year. They are perfect for layering- and seem to add a little more polish than a simple cardigan.

Similar to yesterday’s blazer, this one is also jersey knit- so it is literally like a sweatshirt. Can’t get more comfy than that!

I’ve paired this with a blue and white striped shirt.  I can’t get enough of stripes! However, alone, they aren’t that exciting.

I’ve paired my blazer with straight leg jeans and wedge heels. This is a bit of a risk for me. I rarely wear heels with jeans like this, but thought it might be fun to try.

What do you think? Should I stick to flats? Or  for running errands my cute new Pumas would be perfect.

And by the way, do you want to see my list?

1. Bright grandpa style cardigan

2. Maxi dress

3. Something green (mint green is the color to have this spring)

4. Colored jeans

5. Skinny cargos

6. Sporty flats/ tennis shoes

7. Colored cropped pants

8. Yellow blazer

9. Colorful mini (either with a pattern or bright color)

10. Cute layering tanks/ shirts to wear under sweaters

What am I missing? What should I skip?

Of course, since it’s Friday I’ve linked up with my friends at Girlymama for Fashion Friday. Check it out!

Jeans: Nordstrom, Blazer: Nordstrom, Shirt: Anthropologie, Shoes: Macy’s, Necklace: Gift

19 thoughts on “Feb 24th, Spring Wish List”

  1. Love the yellow blazer with the baby and white stripes. A wedge is fun but for running errands I would stick with the flats.

    The only item that I would add your spring list is a clutch or a new handbag.

    1. Yep- the wedge is more for casual Friday at work- where I’ll be sitting at a desk all day! For running around town I would definitely chose my flats. Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. I just ordered some cute colored denim from Nordstrom. It’s their Blue Essence brand. They can be a bit “mom-ish” as the rise is a little higher, but they are a cute entry in to the colored denim world at a good price. I haven’t decided if I am keeping them. Personally, I like the JBrand 811 style. Mid-rise, Japanese twill, brand that holds up really well. I found them at Anthropologie, but they are not cheap.

  3. I definitely love the wedge to dress up the outfit a tiny bit especially for work. They work, iMO. The flats would be more casual and would also work, but differently. What color flats? Something flashy maybe?

    1. Good point, Sperry Topsiders would be a great addition. They are a cute, comfy and versatile shoe. I might have to add them to my list. Thanks so much for the idea!

  4. I love the yellow blazer and have always loved navy and yellow together. I’m not a fan of the wedges with that outfit – they seem too “wintery” to me. Maybe it’s just that I’m a flats kinda girl… My struggle with wearing navy is what color ballet flats to wear. I have had a really hard time finding navy ballet flats and for some reason blue shoes seem weird to me. I guess silver is always an option. What if you wore a silver skinny belt and silver flats with your outfit above?

    1. Thanks for your comment. I am not sure about the wedges either. I think you’re right, they are a little wintery (especially being black). Pairing with blue is a challenge, and I agree that blue shoes are weird!

      I like your suggestion of silver flats, I actually have a pair of that would work. Now all I need is a belt, good idea!

      Or, to really play on the nautical theme Sperry Topsiders would look cute (per a suggestion from Melissa of All Things Chic).

      1. I’m axiously awaiting the return of loafers — they are so much warmer than ballet flats! DSW didn’t have any yesterday, although In Style Magazine says they are all the rage…hmmm…not here yet… I did find some puma flats at DSW — all black, and very sporty! Yeah! I love them! Thanks for the suggestion!

      2. Nordstrom has Sperry Topsiders- they are adorable-and have lots of options. I haven’t bought any yet- but probably will soon!

        Thanks for your comment! And glad to hear you found the Pumas! You will love them!

      3. how about wedges with a natural woven heel?

        and the thing about the topsiders is that all the college kids are wearing them and I have a college kid. Which almost makes them off limits to me… hmm..

      4. Oh, well that makes me reconsider. I hate looking like I’m trying to be young and hip (LOL). I will say though, my 68 year old mom has Sperry Topsiders, so maybe this is a trend for all ages? My mom is super particular about shoes- and insists on only wearing VERY comfy ones that fit her very narrow feet- so that does tell me these are a comfy shoe. I’m still on the fence though… I guess I will wait to see how people style them and if it feels right for me then I’ll go for it.

        On that note- the wedges today were all wrong- but with a woven heel- now that’s a great idea!
        As always, thanks for all your comments/ feedback! I love hearing from you!

      5. That’s also my plan on the topsiders. Maybe they’ll already be “out” for the younger girls which means they’ll be perfect for us older folks LOL. But over the summer in Boston you could find a college girl without them – topsiders, short skirts. But it truly may be a trend, like high boots, that we all can share.

  5. Nice list! For spring, I am on the look out for a pair of white straight leg jeans and a gingham shirt in a soft color. Most of the shirts I’ve found are a dark blue or black. I really like the look of blazers, but I prefer the coziness of a cardigan. This blazer might be a good marriage of the two!

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