Feb 25th: Snow Day, Sort Of

 It’s not really a snow day today- but we did have some freezing rain that has coated our roof and grass with a slushy/ snowy substance, so I decided it was time to break out my Sorels.

I bought these (on sale at REI) right after the last snow storm- but have yet to have the occasion to wear them. So as soon as I saw the weather I was excited to have an excuse to break them out.

I think they are a great alternative to Uggs, don’t you?

On the right I have on my faded mom jeans with an oversize sweater and my Uggs. I say this a lot, but there just isn’t anything interesting about this look. It’s lacking a focal point.

On the left I have replaced the faded mom jeans with my dark skinnys (Madewell) and then added a long sleeve black t shirt under my sweater. I think this gives the look more balance. Seeing my arms sticking out under this huge sweater (on the right) just doesn’t look right to me.

I’ve also added this amazing statement necklace that my sweet hubby brought home last night- just cause. I tell ya, he’s a keeper!

I love these boots, but they make my feet look HUGE!

By the way, I am only 10 votes away from moving into the top 10 for Top Mommy Blogs! Wow! Thanks everyone.

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Quick note- I have resisted wearing this sweater for a long time because it had gotten covered if fuzzy’s (you know what I mean?) so today I decided to shave it.  I literally used my razor and shaved it, just like I’d shave my legs- and lo and behold the fuzzys came off! Wow! So simple. I just had to share!

Boots: REI (similar), Jeans: Madewell, Sweater: Banana Republic, Necklace: Gift

12 thoughts on “Feb 25th: Snow Day, Sort Of”

  1. Oh, I really like the sweater! It’s like a cape! And the boots are great, especially for Seattle. We still haven’t gotten any frozen precipitation yet here 🙂

    1. Lucky you! It’s a mess!
      Thanks for your comment, I checked out your blog, and the food looks amazing. I love La Carte Oxana, so I’ll have to try their new spot in Queen Anne.
      I’m wanting to plan a night out for Seattle bloggers… would you be interested?

  2. Love the outfit. I wore a similar sweater with black shirt underneath it today. So comfy! I have the problem on some of my sweaters with the pilling. So do you shave it with just a regular disposable type razor or an electric razor? Thanks!

    1. I used a mens regular razor (disposable) and I shaved down (opposite direction than shaving legs). I was amazed at how well it worked and how much came off. I finished with a lint roller to pick up any loose fluffs. I’m very excited because I actually had this sweater in my donation box, thinking it was too worn for wear- and now it has a new life and I am in love all over again! It is so warm and comfy!
      Thanks for commenting, and good luck!

  3. I love the boots! I live in far northern MN (moved here from OKC almost 3 years ago), and I’ve told my husband not to ever complain about my boots because I do need them here and I’m going to have cute warm boots. Did that sentence run on enough? Anyway, I had uggs my first winter here and felt like they were so frumpy even though I wore them a lot! I gave them away and won’t buy another pair. I’ve found it would be very easy to “let myself go” here because most people dress solely for warmth or function (thank goodness for Internet shopping with the lack of stores!), so I’m loving your blog because I don’t want to turn into a sandal/sock wearing lady 🙂

    1. Too funny ’cause I’m sitting here reading this in my sandals and socks (seriously! I know it’s ugly, but for in my home I do it. I consider my sandals- (Berks)- to be my house slipper and people wear socks with those, right?)

      Anyway, so glad you commented- thank you! If you don’t already have Sorel boots, consider investing in some. They are designed for freezing temperatures, so will keep your frozen toes nice and warm.

      BTW- my husband is originally from OKC! Small world! 🙂

      1. I think lots of my sorels are cute but for warmth and water resistance merrells have been incredible.
        Sandals and socks are fine in the house, but it drives me crazy to see it out and about. It just makes no sense!
        Funny about your husband. I was born and raised there for 33 years until we moved way up north!

      2. My mom loves Merrells too! Thanks for sharing! They are excellent shoes!
        And, yes I agree- socks and sandals should never leave the house! 🙂

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