Feb 29, Leap Day

Here is a summary of everything I wore in Feb. Which is your favorite? Which should I donate to the Goodwill? Be honest, you won’t hurt my feelings, this is a learning experience for me too!

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As per usual, it’s Wednesday so I’ve linked with the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday and also Rolled Up Pretty! Check them out!

10 thoughts on “Feb 29, Leap Day”

  1. I really do love all of the outfits for February. I have not been following very long, have you every made a great outfit with running shoes, if you do have to wear them and not flats? Or have you ever made any work out outfits? I am anxious to see some spring ideas. Great work!

  2. Goodwill? Are you kidding??!! 😉 I wish I had all of the clothes you have!! All of the outfits looked great, I am so glad I found your blog. I am trying to be better about putting together outfits. I ordered from zappos the black puma flats, so cute I love them! I am in the process of cleaning out my very large, very over stuffed closet now. I like how you say to keep only what looks good. I have no idea why I hold on to so much. I wish I looked good in skinny jeans, but sadly not the case ;( I am trying to lose 10-15 pounds-( 5’8 and 164 lbs size 10 now) ;( after that I think they would look better, but then in will be summer and I will be wearing skirts instead!! I don’t know how you make so many great looks, it seems like you have an endless supply of great looking clothes!! Keep up the great work!!

    1. Hi! Thanks for writing! I think you will love your Puma’s! I love mine!

      As for a closet clean out- I do mine about every other month. I find that I hold on to silly things (sentimental items) for far too long. Since I clean my closet regularly, if I held on to an item last month, but still haven’t worn it, then I know it may be time to donate it.

      I also group all my clothes by type and then by color. So all my skirts are together, all my sweaters are together and so on. It helps when planning outfits.

      I do have a ton of clothes! Some are things I bought 8 years ago, so over time I have accumulated a great collection- which is part of the reason why I never want to be too trendy. If you buy good, classic pieces- they will still be in style for years.

      As for skinny jeans- I think if you paired them with a large over-size jacket or tunic and kept the pants/ jeans very dark- you could pull it off. You could also try a straight leg style- that is a bit looser than skinny jeans, but still looks slimming.

      Keep the focus on the top part of your body- with a statement necklace or a fabulous scarf- something that draws the eye upwards. As long as you are balanced (skinny on bottom, large on top) it will work. The problem I see is women trying to hide their hips/ legs (whatever) so they go for something baggy on both top and bottom- and they end up looking large everywhere! There has to be some contrast.

      Good luck and feel free to send a picture any time (I’ll crop your head off for privacy).
      Take care and thanks again for writing!

  3. Thanks for sharing your outfits. I’m no fashion expert at all, but I’ll just comment on a few. The shirt from Target looked fine to me at first, but now seeing it with all your other outfits, I understand why others didn’t care for it. Your jeans that you wore with the grey top and pink cardigan look too wide below your knee. I think they need to be skinnier from the knee down. All the other outfits look super great! I know that you mostly focus on clothes that are fitting for you, but could you ever talk about clothes trends that no longer work – that no matter what you pair that short sweater with, it won’t work in 2012?

    1. You may be on to something with those jeans! I never noticed that before, but looking at the picture- it does sort of look strange how it goes in at the knee- then back out again.
      Thanks for your comment- I, too- am no fashion expert, so we are in this together!

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