March 1st, Goodwill Hunting

 I went to the Goodwill the other day for a little ‘market research’.

I decided that I’d try on a few pairs of ‘mom jeans’ to demonstrate  how the cut and style of jeans can make a HUGE difference.

Don’t believe me? See the pictures at the bottom of the page.

What surprised me was that there were so many pairs of designer jeans there. OMG! Who knew?

If you know the cut and style that best flatters your figure, I’d suggest try looking at the Goodwill. I saw Nordstrom (Calson), Michael Kors, Citizens of Humanity, GAP and so on… I was truly amazed.

If you don’t know the best style for your figure, I wouldn’t suggest the Goodwill just yet. Go to department store and ask for help. An experienced salesperson should be able to help find the perfect pair.

Now, on to today’s look.

I’ve paired my jeans with a orange cardigan (for any OSU fans out there.)

On the right I am showing my ‘before look’ with a baggy pair of faded jeans, Uggs and the sweater buttoned up.

On the left I have replaced the faded jeans with my skinny dark jeans, unbuttoned my sweater and added this gorgeous floral scarf. I’ve also replaced the Uggs with my leopard flats. All in all, it’s a simple easy style for everyday moms!

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Below are my dressing room pics from Goodwill- I apologize for the lighting and quality (I was using my phone).

Just remember, no matter what your figure is, there are jeans that look great on you, and those that don’t!  Take the time (and spend the money) to find amazing jeans that fit.

Jeans: Madewell, Shoes: Target, Sweater: Target, Scarf: J Crew (similar)

I don't think I even need to tell you how bad this looks- but I will. The rise (crotch) is way to long, my hips look big and the color is bad.
These make me look like I have saddlebags and the length is too short!

18 thoughts on “March 1st, Goodwill Hunting”

  1. Just found your blog recently. I can’t tell you how helpful your “show and tell” format is. I am always in search of really attractive “mom” styling. Thank you for the boost toward that!

  2. Looks great! How does that cardigan run, size-wise? I want to order one online — I’m normally a medium (size 4 or 6), but worry because it is juniors that it might run small. Thanks!

    1. I think it runs pretty true to size- even though it’s from the Junior’s department. I ordered a small, which I’m normally a 2-4. If you want to wear it buttoned, go for the med. Good luck! Thanks for writing!

      1. Thanks! They didn’t have it online so I actually went to Target today and ended up getting the medium — so you’re right about true to size. Thanks again!

  3. As for the Goodwill jeans, well, honestly, I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it is to see you look absolutely awful in a pair of jeans. 🙂 You always look so good…I didn’t know you could ever look bad! Thank you, Megan – you made my day!

  4. I seriously feel like this is a secret society of some sort. I recently started visiting my local thrift store to find people who are regulars there (including myself) and women who know how to find brands like brand new Uggs, Birkenstock and all other kinds. It’s amazing what you can find there. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know, I was truly amazed at what great things I saw. If you have the time to dig- and know what you are looking for- there are some great steals and deals out there!
      Thanks for writing!

  5. Love your Pop of color in the cardi and scarf! It is amazing what a good fitting jean can do for a girls behind too! You want to look just as good going, as you do coming!

    1. Hilarious! I actually took a picture of my behind in the skinny’s- but decided not to show it. It just looked strange, but you have a good point. It is important to know what you look like ‘coming and going’ as you said!
      Thanks for writing!

  6. Wow, amazing what a difference fit makes. I finally found a good pair of skinny jeans for my petite (nice way of saying short) self, and now I feel so comfortable and confident in them. No more mom jeans for me!

    1. Yeah!! So glad you found a pair you like. What brand are they? I’d love to recommend them to my readers. Would you consider sending me a picture? I’ll chop your head off! I am going to write about dressing for petit gals tomorrow!

  7. I recently found your blog and find it fabulous! I wish I could have a mini you in my closet everyday telling me “yay” or “nay”. I love your use of ballet flats, but find myself so cold in the winter, I need socks! Great work! I wish I could vote for your blog a few times a day!

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