March 9th, Khaki and Black

This outfit is so simple that I almost feel silly showing it!

I’m telling you right now, if you are looking for cutting edge fashion you’ve come to the wrong place. If you want simple mom outfits- welcome to my blog!

That being said, I really love this look- just khaki and black! It’s classic, easy and cute!

I bought this skirt a long time ago- and have worn it several times- I love that it’s been a such a versatile piece for me.

On the  right I’ve paired it with a black turtleneck. There isn’t anything wrong with this look- but it might be a little too covered up.  It’s too safe (and wintery).

On the left I have replaced the turtleneck for a v neck sweater. By showing a little more skin, it looks better. To complete the look, I’ve added a long pendant necklace. This is a good trick to draw the eye up and down (making me look thinner!).

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

ps. where are you spring? I’m ready and waiting…

pss. thanks for all the votes for Top Mommy Blogs! You all are awesome!

psss. it’s Fashion Friday, so of course I’ve linked up with my pals at Girlymama… check them out!

Simple, yet stylish!

Sweater: Ann Taylor, Skirt: Anthropologie, Boots: Nordstrom, Necklace: Lia Sophia

16 thoughts on “March 9th, Khaki and Black”

  1. I love it! And I already have everything but the skirt. Just in case anyone else is looking for an affordable alternative, I just found one at J Jill’s website on sale for $29.99. It’s very similar to the one in the photo and is called the “soft washed chino cargo.”

    1. Love black and khaki! Do you have any hints for 10-15 “starter” pieces? I feel like I throw on the same few things day in day out…well, that’s when I get out of workout clothes! Plus, I find that if I’m doing housework (which is every day!) I like to wear comfies. And that’s where I stay. I have gotten bleach stains on too many things to risk my “real” clothes!

      1. Thanks for writing! First of all- when I am doing housework I also am in my yucky clothes. I agree, I’ve ruined enough of my nicer clothes with bleach and other cleaning supplies.

        I just make it a rule that I change clothes when I actually leave the house (and some days I never leave- so I stay in my comfies all day).

        Since you asked about a ‘starter set’ I would say the top 10 items every gal should have in her closet are:

        1. skinny jeans in a dark wash (no matter what size you are!)
        2. bright cardigan
        3. great jacket/ blazer
        4. checked button down shirt
        5. gorgeous scarf
        6. print shell to wear under blazer/ cardigan
        7. black turtleneck (although now that we are moving into spring this can wait)
        8. white jeans
        9. accessory jewelry (I love Stella and Dot, but for fun cheaper pieces look at Khol’s and Forever 21)
        10. Ballet flats

        Five extras:
        1. boyfriend jeans for weekend wear
        2. grandpa style cardigan
        3. versatile dress that can go from day to night
        4. black cigarette pants/ cropped straight leg pants
        5. going out top

        Gosh, am I missing anything? This has gotten me thinking! For other ideas, check out my post on my spring shopping wish list:

  2. I have an Old Navy cord skirt like that from about 5 years ago and I was JUST about to trash it. Yay! New outfit.

  3. I love simple! I love your style – simple and classic and never over-the-top. I just can’t get myself to wear loud bold patterns and colors (like I see on other blogs) and just like simple and subdued. I really like your comparison pics. Thanks for the inspiration!

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