March 10, Weekend/ Workout Clothes

I’ve been asked by several readers to show workout clothes, so today I decided that’s what I would do.

Some days after my workout I might not have time to change before running errands, so I at least want to look sort of cute, right?

On the right is my example of a not so cute look. The pants with the white stripes down the side are too loose, they’re dated and not flattering at all.  Also worth noting is how much shorter my legs look in these pants compared to the picture on the left.

The plain black fleece is also boring and the bright white tennis shoes are U-G-L-Y!

On the left is my new look.

I’m wearing Lululemon pants. If you don’t own any of these- seriously consider buying some. They are expensive- but so worth it.  I love the way they fit.

There is something very special about the fabric, it seems to suck me in where I need to be sucked- and thick enough to hide the cottage cheese underneath (and I do have cottage cheese).

I’ve then layered a pink fitted pullover over my white work out tank- and for extra warmth added a black quilted vest on top. To add even more interest, I have on my pink tennis shoes (much cuter than the plain white ones on the right- these look like nurse shoes!).

This would also be a cute side-line outfit for all you soccer (or lacrosse) moms!

Enjoy your Saturday! Go Wolves!

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8 thoughts on “March 10, Weekend/ Workout Clothes”

  1. At Target today, I saw a young woman in loose fitting sweats and an older woman in a bright pink sweatshirt, black yoga-type pants, and black-and-pink sneakers. It’s like your two examples, just the pop of color, better fit, and cute shoes made all the difference!

    1. Good luck! I’ve run 2 half marathons and that is one of my proudest accomplishments! You go girl!As for your outfit, my advice is layer. If the race starts early in the morning (as mine did), you’ll want to have a jacket that you can peel off later and tie around your waist. Leggings/ running pants are better than shorts because of chafing.

  2. I love the outfit on the left. You can totally wear that around town. I have recently invested in some nice workout gear and I love it. Athleta is my go-to store for great activewear.

    1. Athleta has great pieces! Years ago I would have never imagined spending that kind of money on workout clothes, but when you end up wearing them as an outfit- it’s worth it to spend the extra money and look and feel cute! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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