March 15th, Sister’s Style

My sisters and I all have our unique style- it’s very similar- but there are a few distinct differences.

My older sister, Erin, has a larger top than bottom, so her goal is to hide her top and flaunt her thin legs.

Her favorite look is skinny bottoms, large oversize tops or coats and flats.

Today she is wearing jeans, a sweater with a cute cable collar and then this wonderful coat.

The pattern is eye catching, the length of the coat is perfect to hide her butt and her legs look nice and thin. She’s finished her look with her favorite boots from Frye.

Kara is what I would call a preppy/ traditionalist. Her look is very simple and very classic. Most of her wardrobe is from J Crew.

You’ll never catch her looking like she’s trying too hard. Her look is current, but not uber trendy and definitely not outside her comfort zone.

Today she is wearing skinny jeans. She’s paired them with this blue and grey striped top with these cool dolman sleeves. It’s an easy outfit, which translates to effortless style.

Her shoes take the whole look up a notch, they are grey suede wedge heels. Gorgeous!

My style is similar to Kara’s, but I mix brands up a bit more. I like combining pieces from Target, Khol’s, J Crew and Nordstrom to create a more affordable outfit. I also might be a bit more of a risk taker- just a little edgier by adding things like my faux fur vest, or maybe a huge necklace or leopard flats… something that is unexpected.

Truth be told, both of my sisters are huge fashion influences on me. They always look amazing and they are one of the reasons I even started this blog. I would go visit them and always feel like my style was so lame compared. They inspired me to re-think my closet and put more effort into my look. Thanks guys! I love you!

So, which sister is most like you? Erin, Kara or me?

Love this orange top with the dolman sleeves.
Love this pattern on her coat.
I love the bright color- makes me think of spring… if only!
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9 thoughts on “March 15th, Sister’s Style”

  1. Hi! I love checking in everyday to see what you are wearing. Now I get three looks! Thanks to your sisters for getting in on the act! All three of you look super cute today. Love the orange shirt!

    1. Kara’s is Vince brand, she got it at Sak’s. Mine is from Nordstrom and I just bought it on Tuesday.
      Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. Hi Megan,

    I just found your blog yesterday, and I’m so glad I did. I love it!
    I definitely identify with YOUR style, however I have a med/lge bust and so I can also identify with Erin’s looks (just wish I had her skinny legs!)
    I love how you do a ‘before’ and a ‘jooshed-up’ picture – please don’t ever stop doing those… I am so inspired to just ‘add that little more’ to each outfit, and yours is the only blog I’ve found that does this!
    I’m intrigued by your ‘rule of 3’ – do you have a blog post explaining this? (I’m yet to go through all the archives, but I’m getting there, slowly).

    Thanks anyway, and have a lovely weekend,


    1. Oh you are so sweet, thanks for writing. I plan on continuing the ‘before and after’ pictures every day, because to me it is so fun to see what small changes can do- plus, who doesn’t love a mini makeover?!

      My rule of 3 is something I got from Jessica Quirk at What I Wore. Basically, I always try to have 3 parts to the top half of my outfit. Usually it’s the top, a tank and a necklace. I apply this same rule at home when decorating. I always group things in 3’s- it just seems to work for me! πŸ™‚

      Thanks again for commenting!

      πŸ™‚ Megan

      1. I said I’d keep doing before and afters and then today (Friday) I didn’t do one, sorry! With my sisters here things are a little different. I promise to get back to them soon!

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