March 18th, Girl’s Night Out!

I’m posting pictures from our night out last night- enjoy!

Love this jacket! Green is the color for spring!
This silk DVF top is truly gorgeous!
I chose a green top and this fun statement necklace.

4 thoughts on “March 18th, Girl’s Night Out!”

  1. I love all of the outfits! I am really enjoying these posts with your sisters. My shape is more like your sister Erin’s so it’s nice to see the way she puts outfits together to de-emphasize the bust area. I read your blog everyday and love it 🙂

  2. These are all great outfits. The green jacket is gorgeous – and I love your black pants, Kara’s jeans, and the wedges you both have on. Are they the same? If the jeans or pants are recent purchases – I’d love to know who makes them!

    1. Thank you so much! Kara’s jeans are J Crew- (toothpick & cropped). My black pants are from Nordstrom, Vince Camuto brand. I just bought them about a month ago- so they should still have them. Good luck and thanks for writing!

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