March 30th, Preppy Mom, Take 2

I like the idea of a simple plaid shirt and a pair of jeans, but as you can see- it isn’t always a great look.

This shirt on the right is a little too ‘country’ for my style. The faded, baggy jeans aren’t stylish- and do I even need to mention the ugly black shoes?

To improve the outfit, I’ve switched to this cute pink and orange checked shirt. I’m wearing my dark blue skinny jeans and some cute ballet flats (they are tan- although in the picture they look red).

I’ve worn this shirt already once, see here. But since this blog is a real reflection of things in my closet- I’m wearing it again.

I’ve changed it up a bit; last time I wore it over a tank- today I have on a long sleeve white shirt underneath. I’ve also tucked in my shirt, added a cute belt, and gotten rid of the cardigan.

Last, I’ve added a necklace and white bracelet. All of these small details give the impression that I’ve made an effort with this outfit, and helps me look pulled together.

Hooking up with cute Melissa from Girlymama for Fashion Friday!

I love the bright color of this top- it feels perfect for spring.

Shirt: Land’s End, Jeans: Anthropologie, Shoes: Nordstrom, White Shirt: Gap

2 thoughts on “March 30th, Preppy Mom, Take 2”

  1. I really enjoy your blog nd look forward to it everyday. I see you like Anthropologie jeans. I am in the market for a pair of great more upscale jeans. Would you please tell me specifically which Anthropolgie jeans, style wash, etc you like the best? I am petite – 5′ 3″ and usually wear between 4 -6.

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for your comment! I love hearing from readers!
      My favorite skinny jeans are James brand- and I like the dark wash the best. The other skinny’s I love are my Skinny Skinny from Madewell. I would suggest shopping around, what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. I am small- but curvy and my hips are wider than my waist. For you (being petite) you may be better off with a straight leg as opposed to a skinny. Try on as many different styles/ brands as you can! Nothing beats a fabulous pair of jeans!

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