March 31st, Month in Review

Good morning! It’s the end of the month, so here is a review of all my outfits for the month. Which one was your favorite? Which one was a bust?!

Please comment! I love hearing from readers- it truly makes me day! (even if you hate my outfit!)

8 thoughts on “March 31st, Month in Review”

  1. My favorites are the coral cardigan with scarf and the ones with the striped shirt. My favorite favorite is the black asymmetrical cardigan with the Hunter boots!

    1. Agreed those two were DEFINITELY your best this month!!! Loving the wellies…might have to splurge and invest in a pair 🙂

  2. The first look I thought of was what everyone else has commented on…..the coral cardi with scarf! It just screams, spring and happiness. It would be hard to find a person who could not smile when they saw you. Over the month you have inspired me to LAYER! I love all your layered looks, they make me feel so put together. You have also given me the idea of utilizing some of my maxi dresses earlier this season with the aid of a sweater. I still can’t seem to like the look from the 11th, the frilly cardi with maroon top… makes you rather bulky on top, and you are definitely not bulky at all!

    Love everything about your blog. Thank you so much!

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