April 2nd, Marshalls Inspired

This outfit is inspired by an ad on TV for Marshalls, maybe you’ve seen it?

A stylish gal drives a bus into a neighborhood and all of a sudden a fashion show erupts.

One of the models is wearing a striped dress with a denim shirt underneath- and I thought- OMG! I have a striped dress AND I have a denim shirt.

I’m going to try that!

I’ve shown this dress several times- it’s one of my favorites, but alone- it is shapeless (as seen on the right!).

On the left is my re-worked look. I’ve added the denim shirt under the dress, then added a belt to define my waist.  As usual, I’ve added a necklace to add some interest. Finally, I’ve chosen my tan ballet flats to finish it off.

I would have NEVER tried a shirt under a dress, thank you Marshalls for inspiring me! I really like this look!

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Dress: Land’s End, Shirt: Martin and Osa, Necklace: Plateau Jeweler, Shoes: Nordstrom

11 thoughts on “April 2nd, Marshalls Inspired”

  1. Do you find the shirt adds bulk under the dress? You still look slim in your photo, but I feel like I would be bulky and shapeless!

    1. Yes, it does add a bit of bulk so I would not recommend this unless you are ok with that. It also adds warmth- which (to me) is always a good thing!
      Thanks for writing!

  2. Cute..as always!

    Can I ask a personal question? You may or may not want to answer. What size are you on average. I ask this, because I “think” I view myself as bigger than what I am and that is where my difficulty lies in moving out of my comfort zone. On avg, I’m a 10- a curvy 10 w/a waist, hips…I love the way things look on the hanger but not so sure they look the same on me. Yoga pants are so easy…:)

    1. Thank you so much! As for my size- I am 5’5″ and I usually wear a size 2 or 4. In jeans I am a 27.
      Hope that helps!
      If you go back to my sister’s posts (earlier in March) my older sister, Erin, is a size 10. You can see that she looks fabulous and amazing and rocks skinny jeans like no other! Don’t be afraid to try them. Yes, yoga pants are super comfy, but you can find comfy pants that are also very stylish. Don’t give up!
      Thanks so much for writing! I appreciate it!

  3. Looks great! Love this…I have been throwing a white collared shirt under dresses for years…gives it a totally different look then wearing it alone!
    Love the brown belt and accessories!

  4. Cute outfit! I’ve always found this style of dress to be comfortable but not figure flattering on me. The shirt, belt and necklace really make it stylish and very flattering! I like how the belt accentuates the waist. Thanks for posting this.

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