April 3rd, Spring Chill

Yeesterday was an exciting day for my little blog- I was mentioned on The Nest, and as a result had a lot of new viewers.

If any of you have decided to come back today, let me say ‘welcome’, and also allow me to answer a few comments/ questions that  were posed on The Nest.

1. I don’t show my face because I often do my photos very early in the morning before I’ve showered, put in my contacts, brushed my hair, put on any makeup and believe me- I look scary!

I also like the idea of this blog being all about my outfit- and not what I look like.

2. I will be the first to admit that I am not a style maven! I am just a mom who wants to improve my look a bit using real clothes from my closet.

I know it’s not the most fashionable blog, and I also know that my style can sometimes be seen as ‘boring’- but it works for me!

Keep in mind, I’m a 41 year old mother of 2 kids who lives in the suburbs. Hence, my style reflect that lifestyle (flats are key for me!)

3. My before pictures are taken usually the same day as the after pictures.

I have kept some old clothes in my closet just for this purpose, but also sometimes I’ll try a look- and realize it is bad and that becomes the ‘before’ picture.

I think it’s important to show that by very small changes, an outfit can take on a whole new look.

Now, on to today’s look.

On the right I am wearing a sweater,  jeans and tennis shoes.

The outfit doesn’t work because the jeans are unflattering- they are too long (notice how they gather around my ankles) , and the buttoned up, drab colored cardigan looks frumpy. As for the tennis shoes – I can’t say more than that they are hideous. Please, please- don’t wear tennis shoes with jeans!

On the left I have replaced the jeans with these cute cropped ones. I have then added an asymmetrical sweater in this pretty grey/ purple color. I added a necklace and bracelet to bring some color into the outfit.

This outfit works because although it’s technically spring- it’s still chilly out- and this long sleeve sweater keeps me warm while the cropped jeans and ballet flats reflect the season.

Jeans: Old Navy, Sweater: Louis Permilia, Bracelet: J Crew, Necklace: Palm Desert Flea Market, Shoes: Tod’s

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9 thoughts on “April 3rd, Spring Chill”

  1. I’m fairly new, and I think I’ve lived under a rock in the fashion sense so this may be a comical question to some. Why not wear tennis shoes with jeans? What are you supposed to wear them with?

    1. Hi! Thanks for writing. To answer your question, tennis shoes with jeans just isn’t very stylish! To be perfectly frank, it looks frumpy!

      I prefer ballet flats with jeans- or if you really need comfort- try these cute Puma’s. They are like tennis shoes- but much more stylish. They are my new ‘go to’ shoe for casual days! Other options are a loafer, or a Sperry topsider.


      Good luck and thanks again for writing!

  2. Hi Megan,

    Any suggestions on types of pants to wear in the spring/summer for petites? I’m 5’0 and live in the Midwest where summer’s can get pretty steamy. It’s just too hot to lug around the kids with jeans on! Any ideas? Thanks 🙂

    1. I would say in the warmer climate, skip pants- and go for cute, patterned mini skirts with sandals of ballet flats. I think petite gals have a hard time wearing cropped pants- they tend to make your legs look shorter (unless paired with heels- which isn’t practical for a mom with young kids). A cute printed skirt paired with a simple tank or t shirt can look really stylish- and is a much cooler alternative than jeans. I’m originally from the midwest (Kansas City) and when I go visit I tend to bring little sundresses, mini skirts and lots of tank tops.

      Thanks so much for writing and good luck!

  3. Thank you for creating a blog that’s fun to read and helpful. I do enjoy looking at the outfits put together in other blogs and in magazines, but they don’t help me create outfits that I can wear. I really don’t know of any other sites that do that, besides yours. (Also, I don’t think your outfits are boring, they just reflect your classic/preppy style sensibility and where you are in your life!)

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