April 4th, Too Much Beige?

 I know, I know, a few weeks ago I said to dress in all one color to look taller (and thinner)- but I fear I may have steered you wrong!

Take today’s outfit for instance, I like it- but is there such a thing as as too much beige? It seems a little boring…

Maybe the problem is the cropped pants paired with a grandpa sweater. I think it  makes my legs look really short.

The length of the sweater is almost the same as the length of the pants- so the proportions are wrong.

As you can see on the left, the dark skinny jeans make my legs look much longer- especially paired with this dark plum tank. The dark solid under the cardigan gives the illusion of a long vertical line- and then the cardigan and necklace add interest.

To add even more personality- I’ve got on my leopard ballet flats. I’m always a fan of a little leopard in an outfit! 🙂

As I’m writing this- the look on the right is sort of growing on me… maybe it’s not as awful as I originally thought?! What do you think? Right or left, or both? (Or neither- gasp!)

It’s Wednesday, so I linked up with Pleated Poppy– today she is showing pictures of 5 parties she has thrown over the years. Man, this gal is so creative and she totally inspires me!

Jeans: Madewell, Sweater: Nordstrom, Tank: Nordstrom, Necklace: H&M, Shoes: Target

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11 thoughts on “April 4th, Too Much Beige?”

  1. I definitely like it better with the skinny jeans. Just breaks it up nicely…love that cardigan. Need one in that length exactly.

  2. I was wondering whether part of the difference is that the same color (more or less) is in the area that you want to appear longer. So the darker color going down the middle makes you look taller and the lighter cardigan makes you look thinner because it frames the darker part. Would that work with other colors? Lighter colors? Not sure.
    BTW, I need a cardigan just like that too. Anyone know where to get one this time of year? Wouldn’t mind dropping a moderate amount of money on a good basic.

    1. Oh, getting frustrated looking for anti-muffin top skinny jeans that aren’t painted on too tight to breathe in. Ideas? Links?

      1. Have you tried J Crew toothpick? My sister loves them. I have 2 paris of skinny jeans. They are: 1) Madewell (these are super tight) and 2) James Jeans- from Anthropologie

        If you are concerned with a muffin top- maybe a skinny isn’t the perfect style for you. Try a straight leg instead that isn’t quite so tight. Although- that being said, I just cover my muffin top with a long shirt or cardigan! 🙂

  3. The khakis remind me of my first year of teaching (2001). If they were cargos or skinny I think that outfit could be a left-side pic 🙂
    And, thanks to you and your ideas I’ve been slowly purging my closet of unwearables during the last few weeks (my son’s preschool is having a rummage sale soon, so I’ve been donating jeans I don’t wear and never should again, shoes, and anything too big, etc). Thanks!

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