April 7th, Weekend Casual

 My friend Stacey and I were talking the other day and she mentioned how hard it must be to dress cute everyday.

And she’s right, not only is it hard, but it’s unrealistic.

Some days I’m planning on working in the garage, or the yard, or whatever- and I don’t get dressed up.

Today is one of those days.

I’m planning on working around the house most of the day- and I want to be extremely comfortable- so I’ve opted for work out pants, a top and a jacket.

On the right you can see what the old me might have worn. This enormous over size sweatshirt does nothing for my figure- and the jeans and tennis shoes- surely we don’t have to go there again!

On the left I’m wearing my Lululemon grey yoga pants, a white tank, then a pink shirt over the tank and finally- a zip up sweatshirt to keep me warm. (Did I mention it’s 45 degrees here? ARGH!)

The fitted yoga pants and fitted sweatshirt are a much more pulled together look. The soft pink shirt adds some color to the outfit.

I know it’s not very fashionable, and I know no one will be inspired by this casual look- but I wanted to show what I really am wearing today!

Have a great day!


8 thoughts on “April 7th, Weekend Casual”

  1. I am loving your blog. As a busy mama of two, wardrobe doesn’t often make it very high on the list of priorities. The pictures on the right make me laugh either because I’ve worn that or have it in my closet upstairs. Thank you for the inspiration. And yes, I was inspired by today’s sporty look.

  2. I think it IS inspiring because it’s a reminder that you can still look cute and intentional even when casual (which I am about 5 days per week at home with my two little ones).

    Also, I’ve been to Eskimo Joes and have to t-shirt to prove it! It’s in a tub in my basement somewhere, but it never fails to amaze me where they pop up!

    Thanks for being so bold and willing to post your outfits everyday. While you say they might be simple or neutral, to me they are the most realistic of all the mommy fashion blogs I read. Thanks!

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