April 10th, Cargos with Some Color

 Today I’m wearing my cargo skinnys with a cute bright tank and my blue blazer- which is all tied together with this colorful belt, that I’m wearing backwards!

It may be a little strange, but I wanted to really show the colors on the belt, and when it is on the normal way, you can only see the leather buckle.

So I figured, turn it around, the jacket hides the buckle part, and now you can see the colors!

For my before picture I’m showing my old cargos AGAIN! I know I should donate these to Goodwill, but there are just so perfect for comparing to the skinny cargos that I have to keep them. The loose, baggy fit isn’t current and looks sloppy.

In the before picture, I kept the tank white- just to compare how different the bright tank under the blazer looks. Then to break up the solid pink, I added a necklace.  Finally, for my shoes- I chose these off white wedge heels- they are perfect for spring- and being a wedge- very comfy!

The belt is on backwards- and looking at the picture it isn't fitting quite right, but maybe if I loosened it a tiny bit it might fit better.

Sadie wanted to be in the picture!

Cargos: Michael Kors, Tank: Gap, Blazer: Land’s End, Shoes: Nordstrom, Necklace: Gift


9 thoughts on “April 10th, Cargos with Some Color

  1. I found your blog through the WIWW posts at the Pleated Poppy blog. I have to say I love your style. I’ve only managed to read a handful of your posts so far, but I like what I see!! I am a 40 year old stay at home mom of 3 girls with a closet full of clothes from my working days that I need to work into my current wardrobe of casual clothes. You’ve given me some inspiration for sure. Thanks!

  2. I also love your blog and it’s really helped me. One question for you though. Obviously, skinny pants are in style. And you wear them really well! 🙂 But a lot of moms (like me) have a hard time pulling them off, or even fitting into them. What do you suggest for non-skinny moms?

    • Thank you for the compliment!
      I do love my skinny jeans/ pants- and I honestly think that is the trend right now- no matter what your size. I feel as though you can rock skinny jeans at any size- as long as you remember 3 important things: 1) balance is key- if you go skinny on bottom, go big on top and 2) dark colors are slimming, 3) cover your bum

      If you really feel uncomfortable wearing skinny jeans- consider trying straight leg- these are also very slimming and flattering on all sizes.

      If you are a new reader, you may not have seen the posts that I did with my older sister. She is a size 10 or 12 and wears skinnys and looks fabulous. Here is a link to one of the posts with her in it!

      She is wearing a large, loose top over her red skinny jeans. Her attitude is to be extremely confident in whatever you’re wearing- and no matter what size you are- you will look radiant and beautiful!

      Good luck and thanks so much for writing. I’ll be posting some more on skinny jeans for curvier girls- so please keep checking in!
      By the way- don’t give up on finding a good fit. Erin’s are from Anthropologie and they were pricey, but so cute. If you can only afford 1 pair I would recommend going for very dark denim. You could wear these every day with a different top!

  3. You and I dress very similarly. I am wearing olive and fuchsia in my post, too only in reverse. The pants are pink.

    I think I may have those same loose pants that you are wearing on the right. Are they Banana Republic? The cargos look so flattering on you!


    • Yes, we definitely have very similar tastes! I just spent 30 minutes looking at some of your older posts- and found so many cute outfits that I will totally copy! I am so glad I found you!!

  4. Cute as always! PS Megan I bought the pump flats the other day at Macy’s (only mine are solid black) and OMG they ARE comfy! they’re awesome.

    And to the other poster: I’m a good size 14 (big butt mostly, not wide, just big out back) and I can totally wear skinny jeans, in fact the whole boot cut jean thing never ever ever worked for me. Wide leg with flats? Nope, I look utterly silly. But skinny – yep. I can do that. So I think size matters less than body type. Just stay away from painted on unless you’re under 25. haha.

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