April 13th, Cheap Thrill

Let me tell you a little story about a mom who wandered into a consignment shop and found a cheap thrill!

My son was getting his hair cut the other day- and lo and behold right next door was a consignment shop, so of course I had to go in and explore.

Let me tell you- it was SO MUCH FUN!

I’ve always been a fan of bargains- and love finding something on sale, but I never imagined the thrill I would get in a re-sale shop!

Who knew?

Yes, it smelled a little funny in there.

Yes, there were a lot of awful clothes.

Yes, I felt a little weird looking at other people’s discards.

But- there were also some great finds and great prices- including this fun little vest I’m wearing today.

Now, here’s the weird part.

Just the other day I was at an intersection and saw a cute gal walking by. She had on workout pants, a t shirt and the coolest vest.

I wondered where she got it- I thought it was so unique and so interesting.

I walked into the consignment shop and the first thing I find- I swear- is this vest.

It is almost the exact same vest as the one I saw!  It was fate!

And it was only $12!!

I brought it home, washed it in hot water (twice) and now here it is, complimenting a white V neck shirt and paired with red jeans. It adds so much interest to what otherwise would have been a boring outfit (as seen on the right).

The morale of the story is- if you are wanting to re-fresh your wardrobe, and don’t want to spend a fortune- consider checking out your local consignment store. You may be surprised by what you find.

A piece of advice, go with an idea in mind of what you are looking for- and it’s ok to leave empty handed. The thrill is in the hunt!

And for a good laugh, check out this post on jeans I found at the Goodwill! It shows some really bad Mom jeans!

This vest was meant to be mine!
These pockets are perfectly placed!

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I’m being profiled on Mommypage.com today- so if you want to see my face, here is your chance! LOL! Click here!

12 thoughts on “April 13th, Cheap Thrill”

  1. I love shopping vintage and consignment stores! You just have to be in the mood to dig. Fabulous vest! Thanks so much for linking up to Monday Mingle!

    1. Thanks! Funny you should mention keeping your core warm- I was thinking the exact same thing! In fact, I actually have on 2 tanks under my t shirt (1 I have tucked in- to keep my core warm), the other is untucked- to add a little bulk under the thin white t shirt. Only in the Pacific Northwest would we need that many layers. In the midwest (where I am originally from) it is 80 degrees.
      Thanks so much for commenting! Great to hear from you!

  2. We buy more re-sale than in stores – the girls grow out of stuff too fast, and I’ve found stuff from Justice, Gap, Target, and for me J.Jill and Banana republic ! It takes awhile to look through but it pays !

    1. I totally agree- especially for kids who grow out of their stuff so quickly!
      Thanks for writing!
      I loved your post about your dog- it was hilarious- and made me re-think how I approach pit bulls! LOL!

  3. I am a huge fan of consignment shops, and I’ve gotten some great items, such as a fitted denim jacket with a belt, gorgeous evening shoes, loads of shirts, etc. I must tell you that your post encouraged me to dig out a gray ruffled vest and wear it today! I don’t wear it enough, and it looks great over my print shirt!

  4. ok, 1) I live in scary ville, so my local consignment shops sell walmart discards. I kid you not. And more expensive than they probably were originally. i need to move to a nice town where all the good stuff goes LOL. (or drive, but I’m lazy) 2) I like your puma pump flats better than my solid black ones (and yes, I now think of them as puma pump flats in my head. always will probably from now on) and so I think I might have to get another pair with the grey / black. But they are so comfy!!!! If you did nothing else for my fashion you made me find these. And truly, you did so much more already. Every day I feel so much more put together just from reading your blog. 🙂 (ok, too much wine..nighty night)

    1. You crack me up! Thanks for you comment and your compliment- hope you enjoy your puma pumps, the all black are adorable! (ps-I love the new name!).
      I’m so glad you have found inspiration from my blog- it’s so fun to do!

  5. The tanks underneath for warmth are a must. My sister was visiting from TX one time and was sweetly folding some laundry for me. After folding several layering tanks she said “do you wear one of these under everything??” Yup, it’s a tad cooler here in northern MN than her TX weather! Gotta layer.

    1. A girl after my heart! I own at least 10 white tanks- and then a bunch of colored ones too! Like you, I wear one every single day. Not only does it keep me warm- but tucked into my low waisted jeans- it helps hide the inevitable ‘whale tale (or in my case Granny panties) from being exposed! LOL!

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