April 14th- Weekend Casual Gone Wrong

 Today I’m combining 2 of my favorite color combos- blue and orange.

I’m wearing cropped blue jeans with an orange top. but the outfit on the right isn’t working.

There is a lot wrong with this look, but let’s start with the tight orange shirt.

The high neckline isn’t flattering, having the shirt tucked in makes it even worse, the  3 inch cuffs on the sleeves are strange…

As for the jeans- where do I begin?

First off, the length is unflattering- compare the way my legs look on the right to the way they look on the left. Because the crop on the right ends mid calf- my legs look short.

The wide cut of the leg is also not as flattering, look at my saddlebags!  The skinner (straight leg) cut of the jeans on the left are more slimming.

Next is the high waistband- this makes my middle area look bigger than it really is (especially since the top is tucked in- as previously mentioned).

A lower waist is more current and flattering- keep in mind though- I’m not talking so low my underwear are hanging out!

Last is the tennis shoes. I’ve talked about this so many times- so forgive me for repeating myself.

Please- DO NOT wear tennis shoes with jeans. Honestly, it doesn’t look good.

Yes, I know tennis shoes are really comfy. My feet ache all the time (that’s why I wear flats so much), but tennis shoes are not the answer.

A great alternative is Puma’s which are as comfy as tennis shoes- but so much cuter.

The animal print tank under the orange cardigan gives the outfit a little unexpected twist!
I decided to unbutton the top button and added a necklace!

In case you missed it yesterday, Mommypages.com has done a little profile of Everyday Mom Style. If you ever  wanted to know learn a little more about me- here is your chance.

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Jeans: Old Navy, Cardigan, Gap, Tank: Express, Shoes: Nordstrom

11 thoughts on “April 14th- Weekend Casual Gone Wrong”

  1. LOL, as I was getting dressed today (to watch my son play golf), I put on capris and yes, the dreaded tennies. Normally not a look I rock, I promise, but walking 18 holes at the country club does not call for cute flats =( I thought of your rule as I was tying them though!!!

  2. I wear my athletic shoes for yardwork and athletic activities. If i were walking 18 holes, i’d definitely wear my running shoes, too. Otherwise, if i want to wear sneakers, i go for low-profile tennis shoes such as Converse. I especially like them in different colors with shorts in the summer. They remind me of all the Keds i wore in college.

    1. Mary-
      You are right again! Converse sneakers are an adorable alternative to tennis shoes. Really any low profile shoe will work. It’s the clunky tennis shoes that can’t stand!
      I will say- I’ve been in my Pumas for 11 hours today and my feet are still totally comfortable.

  3. Ok, did you look in the mirror before you snapped the picture? This is so unflattering. You are usually on the mark, but this is a no go. The animal print makes you look like an old lady trying too hard (it also is not fitted and makes you look fat). The fabric choices do not compliment each other.
    I do agree with the tennis shoe thing, BUT I will be donning a white pair of Keds this summer. My tennis shoes are now relegated to barn attire.

  4. Congrats on your feature! – Ok, knowing what you look like , now I’m thinking “yeh but you’d look cute in anything !”.
    One of my peeves is the sneaker thing -especially with capris……that’s it, I really should do a shoe post…..

    1. Oh ha ha, you’re sweet! That is so not true though, which is exactly why I chop my head off!

      As for sneakers with capris! YIKES! Please do a post on that- with your witty writing style- it would be hilarious and informative!

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