April 17th, The Power of 3

I really love this bright silk shell that I’m wearing today. It’s such a fun, pretty color and perfect for spring.

Originally I thought I’d wear it with skinny jeans.

But then remembered I have a few appointments for work today, so I decided to dress it up a bit by wearing trousers instead.

If you are a regular reader, you will recognize that a common theme for me is to do things in 3’s.

I’ve talked before about my ‘rule of 3’- which means I like to have 3 parts to my outfit (usually it’s a shirt, cardigan/ jacket & necklace).

I also like to keep the colors in my outfit limited to 3- anything more and it feels a bit crazy.

That being said- on the right I did add a 4th color in-  the red shoes, but it is in such a small dose, I think it’s ok.

On the left my shoes are snakeskin heels- which count as a neutral.

Comparing the two looks, I like the longer necklace on the left- it helps draw the eye down- and connects the top to the bottom.

I also realize that my wrists look so bare without any jewelry- but I sit and type all day at work- and can’t do it with bracelets banging against the keyboards. If I were going out on a date or to lunch – I would definitely add something.

This outfit feels very appropriate for spring with the light pants and the bright top.
I'm trying the celebrity trick of crossing my legs to look thinner. However, it just seems to make me look very awkward!

In both outfits I think I need a belt. Something neutral… time to go shopping!

Pants: Express, Jeans: Madewell, Shell:Loft, Cardigan: Banana Republic, Necklace (on right): Target, Necklace (on left): Forever 21, Shoes (on right): Target, Shoes (on left): DSW

5 thoughts on “April 17th, The Power of 3”

  1. I am so glad to have found your blog through the Pleated Poppy. I also live in Seattle, am a sahm to two kids and am closer to 40 than I’m comfortable with most days! Love the before & afters so much!!!!

    A couple of quick questions, if you don’t mind. The rule of three ~ is that for three on top or the whole outfit? Also, what area of Nordstom do you shop most often?


    1. Hi! Thanks so much for writing! I love hearing from readers- especially Seattle moms! To answer to your questions- the rule of 3 only applies to the top of my outfit- the bottom usually follows the rule of 1! LOL!

      As for Nordstrom’s, I shop at Bellevue Square- and I usually find things in Point of View. I am planning to write about Nordstroms later in the week- to help people navigate each department, because I think a lot of people are really intimidated by the whole department store thing. Thanks for those great questions! I’ve been wanting to do a post like that for a long time- and your question reminded me that I should!

      Thanks again- and if you haven’t already checked out my Facebook site- please do! I’d love to get to 200 likes!

  2. ah the red flats were on sale at Target this week (along with the other colors). I bought the leopard print ones. I kept thinking about how I’d get use out of the red. But I like how you’ve paired the red with something like purple. I know that’s your before picture, and I also like the white pants one, but the jeans is my more my speed…

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