April 18th, Ways to Wear a Striped Dress

I started this a few weeks ago with my 12 ways to wear a striped shirt, then I did 6 ways to tie a scarf. This week I am at it again with 8 ways to wear a striped dress!

Don’t be surprised if this becomes a weekly feature.

One thing I like about doing these type of  posts is that it shows how versatile your wardrobe can be.

Hopefully it reminds people that by investing in a few good pieces you will able to create more outfits than having a closet full of random things.

Today’s look is based on my favorite dress. I can’t tell you how much I love this dress- and part of the reason is because it is so warm! The long sleeves make all the difference in the world! The cotton is super soft, super stretchy, so it glides over my curves and is not restrictive at all!

In my first look- on the right- the dress is worn plain, paired with these brown boots. In my opinion, this is a little too dull for me. The dress needs a focal point, and the boots are off. Maybe they are too short? Not sure what is wrong exactly.

On the left I have added leggings (to make me even warmer), a black belt and a cute raspberry scarf. My open toe espadrilles finish the look.

Love this bright scarf! I would recommend looking in the mirror and making sure the leggings are even before walking out the door! Mine are a little off! LOL!

For my next look, I’ve removed the scarf and added this cute jersey cotton blazer.

This blazer has proven to be a very versatile piece. Best part is I got it at Khol’s.
Here I have on a grey flannel blazer, tights and boots. A much more wintery look. The bright necklace adds a nice touch of color.
This cute green polka dot cardigan is a both a fun color addition and fun pattern mixing.  I’m still not crazy about the boots though.
Here I have paired it with brown- adding a brown belt, boots and purse. Blue and brown are an unusual color combo- but it works. I would skip the ugly grey tights next time!
I’ve chosen this purple open cardigan- it adds interest, texture and another unexpected color. The shoes are a stretch for me… but maybe it you are daring!

Here is another winter version. I’ve decided to turn the dress into a skirt by adding a turtleneck over it. Boots and leggings keep me warm as well. Looking at the photo- I’m not crazy about the stripes going in both directions. If I had a solid sweater it would look a lot better.

Push up the sleeves, ditch the heavy tights and add strappy sandals and a chunky necklace- and you’re all set for spring.

Dress: Nordstrom, Michael Kors

It’s What I Wore Wednesday, so be sure to check out The Pleated Poppy for lot’s of fashion inspiration.

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12 thoughts on “April 18th, Ways to Wear a Striped Dress”

  1. I would have never though about making the dress look like a skirt by putting the sweater over it. Very cute! So need to get my style back. Glad to have found your blog

  2. yeah, i am not crazy about the black boots with the green cardigan….. looks slightly go-go ; ) maybe the lighter brown boots to keep the color light. I do love all the looks! I have worn some dresses (some maxi) this late winter with a sweater over them (changing them to “skirts”) as an idea from one of your posts. Thank you for all your great ideas!

  3. Love the looks – especially the grey over the skirt (I should do that!) and the cropped tights. I have a pair of black cropped tights and I never know what to wear them with. I usually wear them with high boots and thick socks (or knee socks poking over the top of the boots).

    1. Thanks! My little sis, Kara, was my inspiration for this look. When I picked her up at the airport (back in March), she had on the cutest outfit- it was a cotton tunic/ dress over footless tights and a gorgeous scarf. She looked so stylish- and I have been wanting to emulate that look. BTW- mine aren’t actually tights- they are leggings from the junior department at Nordstroms~!

  4. I love every look with this dress. I LIVE in dresses all summer (gets super hot here in the South) and this gives me great ideas even for summer dresses. I’ve been reading your blog for a while. I’m built much like you are, so your style works great for giving me fashion inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  5. Found your blog via ANMJ and have been a daily reader ever since! I love your style and your before pictures!!! I have been thinking (er, obsessing) about this post (my favourite colour is stripes) and this weekend found a Calvin Klein striped dress at Winners (!) and now am recreating these looks for myself! Thanks for being an inspiration!!!

    Question for you: what do you consider a good cost per wear amount?!!!!

    1. Hi! Thanks for writing. To answer your question about Price per Wear, I would say it depends on the item. For jeans, I will spend $150 and feel ok, because jeans is something I wear several times a week- and they will last for years.

      One of my favorite skinny jeans I bought 2 years ago- and they still look great. I would also feel ok spending that same amount on a great pair of boots- they will last several years as well- and a classic style will always be fashionable.

      You’ll notice that I like to mix expensive (what I consider expensive) items with things from Target- so that it all balances out. Plus, when you pair high end item (i.e.: Tory Burch shoes) with a maxi dress from Target- it makes the Target dress look more expensive.

      I’m so glad you found a striped dress and were inspired by that post. Please feel free to send a picture of yourself. I’d love to post it!

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