April 19th, Ugly Blouse Contest

This is one of those blouses that I can’t decide if I like it, or if it’s ugly!

I bought it at Marshalls last fall- trying to expand my wardrobe with some color and pattern.

On the right- loose and untucked with these work trousers- it’s definitely not working!

On the left, tucked in and paired with the skinny pants and these cute ballet flats it sort of works, right?

Maybe not…

Please comment and let me know if this blouse deserves to be worn- or is it the winner of an Ugly Blouse contest?!

Going for the 'skinny girl' crossed leg pose again! Why not?!

Outfit update- it’s a lot colder outside than I realized- so I have now switched my pants to my black long skinny pants- added black boots and a long black cardigan. One person just commented that this blouse looks like it’s poor quality- and she’s totally correct- which is why the stripes don’t line up- and also probably why I don’t like it. It feels cheap!

This looks a little wintery, but at least I'm warm now!
Please keep the comments coming- this is interesting to hear everyone's opinion!



23 thoughts on “April 19th, Ugly Blouse Contest”

  1. The blouse really isn’t ugly, but.. It has that seam under the bust which is suppose to give an empire line and maybe a seam on top of the bust too, but if you look at the chevrons they don’t match making the tucked in style a little awkward. It might look the same even if you belt the blouse Maybe if you unbutton the blouse and use it like a blazer it might be work. Maybe not? I enjoy your blog. My children are long gone and I’m retired so your post gives me ideas on how to incorporate the work clothes I have to with new ones I have.

  2. I think it’s ugly. For some reason it looks like cheap quality. Something’s off about it. Sorry đŸ˜¦

    1. Pockets!
      You are correct though- it is cheap quality- the fabric is scratchy and cheap. Thanks for your comments! I love hearing them!

  3. I like it with the skinny jeans and with the long sweater. I actaully like the blouse & the colors, it doesn’t look like something I’ve seen you wear before but that’s good. I like the gray/black/green combo.

    Sometimes these blouses are not the softest but that’s ok because you can put a tank under it. You always layer don’t you?

    1. Yes, I do have a black tank on which does help with the itchiness!
      It is fun to wear something out of the ordinary for me (both in color and pattern!).

  4. Love it with the boots and sweater. Stop the crossed legs!!! You look great normally, the weird pose actually makes your hips look wider.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! After hearing that- I promise to NEVER cross my legs again! The last thing I want to do is make my hips look wider! LOL!

  5. I agree ~ so cold today!!! I don’t think its awful but not my favorite. Maybe with a pop of color by way of a belt. . . .

  6. I don’t care for the blouse. It doesn’t seem to have any shape, looks of cheap fabric and the pattern doesn’t match up. I agree with Rebekah about crossing your legs–makes your hips look wide. Sorry, but that’s what I see. I like your “regular” stance.

  7. Do you have a black sweater vest? I think the shirt is cute, as previous posters pointed out, there’s something funny going on with the pockets on the front. If you covered up that part with a vest, you’d still get the cute color/pattern on the sleeves and peeking out from the bottom of the vest. It might also give the shirt more shape, too.

  8. It’s not that bad – maybe under a v-neck sweater? I have a blouse that I bought from Kohl’s – funky print, same purpose (it’s colorful! it will go with black! wash & wear to work!) and I just… hmm. I keep it for its function, but I don’t love it.

  9. to me it seems to be having an identity crisis. It’s a fall / winter color (to me it feels that way) yet it seems to be in a very light weight material. The green just doesn’t read springy to me and maybe that’s why it seems wrong.

  10. I think its a keeper, I like the color & pattern, but can see how this falls into that love/hate area (-its hard t see the fabric) Sometimes its nice to have something “different”. When I worked, I’d wear these types of blouses under plain jackets. I like the idea mentioned above of belting it

  11. I like it! I would do with the skinny jeans, heels and do a half tuck (tuck in front, out in back) and then add a long gold necklace.

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