April 22, Sunday, Sunny Sunday

 Oh thank you Mother Nature for another perfect weekend in the Pacific Northwest.

This is the 3rd weekend in a row that we have seen the sun- and what a difference that makes.

In celebration, I’ve chosen a sunny yellow top.

I’ve paired it with this cute and COMFY North Face skirt. This skirt is made of bamboo- so it is incredibly soft and the fabric is eco friendly!

I love the asymmetrical hemline of this skirt too- it’s interesting.

However, looking at the photos, I wonder if the length is a tad too long? Maybe just an inch shorter to show a tiny bit of knee would be better.

At first I played it safe with a plain white t shirt. Unfortunately- this shirt just isn’t right. I think a v neck would be more flattering.

That being said- the neckline on the yellow shirt is sort of similar- but it has cute detail around the neckline- look closely and you can see little cutouts. The other thing I like about this top is that the waistband is banded. Some people hate that (my husband included). Personally, I like it because it causes the shirt to billow out a bit- disguising any tummy issues. The straight cut on the right doesn’t hide a thing! Some think the banded waist actually makes me look large (ahem, my husband again), but I have to disagree.

Oh dear… looking at the pictures he may be right. Damn it! Oh well. I’m wearing it anyway.

I’m telling you- a photo is so much more effective than a mirror. ARGH!

Please don’t tell me what you think. I can’t have you all telling me I look fat… I just don’t want to know!

This neckline is so detailed I decided to skip a necklace. I'm wearing a bunch of bracelets instead.

Skirt: REI, Sandals: Target, Shirt: JC Penny

7 thoughts on “April 22, Sunday, Sunny Sunday”

  1. I have a shirt with a banded waist and I love way it flows, but it does take a little getting used to. Now I really love it with a pencil skirt or cropped skinnies.

  2. I love the skirt & the yellow top. The fabric of the skirt is really great for summer and is easy to clean/pack. The band of the shirt does accentuate your waist/bring attention vs having it all be one straight line of fabric like with the white. You look tiny! (as you are)

    The funny thing about the photos is it’s hard to tell if you are 5″2 or 5″10 or somewhere in the middle. I know you said you are petite a while back so that’s a clue to your height but it’s so intresting how you can’t tell by the photos.

    1. Hi! Thanks for the compliment! I seem drawn to this color combo (steel grey, bright yellow). To answer your question about my height- I am actually not a petite. I did do a post for petite gals, but only because I have a few friends who are tiny! I am actually 5’6″- so definitely not tiny!

      Have a fun day in the sun!

  3. The proportions are definitely better with the shorter (or tucked in) yellow top.

    Bamboo isn’t necessarily eco-friendly actually. While the plant is quick-growing and uses few pesticides, unless its processed like linen (often labelled bamboo linen) with a mechanical process, it’s more like rayon and uses a chemical process, which is not eco-friendly.

    1. Thanks for the correction about bamboo not being eco friendly. I didn’t know that- and it’s interesting to hear. Thanks for taking the time to comment! Have a great day!

  4. I love that top! The color and the style. I wear a lot of banded tops, they hide my “baby skin” (all that extra stretched out belly skin from my kids). That lighter weight t- fabric clings to my middle, and that is never good when your kids pokes their finger in it. I think the skirt length might be a bit too long though….

  5. Ijust discovered yout blog and L-O-V-E the before/after format. You show what I’ve told several people lately. Its theattention to detail that takes a basic outfit from ho hum to stylish. Thanks for showing us how you do it and your thught process.

    I think the shirt with the banded bottom is a look that has its place depending on the body type. Personally I’m more of an hourglass shape. My waist is more than a few inches smaller than my hips or bust and this is one of those clothing styles that skim the bust and hips and bunchs around the waist making me look huge because you don’t see the smaller part of me.

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