May 1st- Black and White

Today’s outfit is plain and simple, just white pants and a black t shirt. It’s a classic look that is easy to wear.

BUT- as you can see on the right- you do need to put a little effort into the look.

The plain black crew neck t shirt is too boring, and the ballet flats aren’t working (my pants are too long for flats).

On the left is my new look. I have on my favorite shirt (you may recognize this one, I have it in 3 colors! Got them at Nordstrom last year!). The neckline is slightly different, the ruching around the waist is more flattering, and the cute sleeves add interest.

Also adding interest is this cool statement necklace. It gives the whole outfit a focal point- and is a great conversation piece (my husband bought this for me at a flower shop in Seattle!).

I get asked by readers all the time about the bootleg cut- and so today I wanted to show that the bootleg cut still works, just be sure to pair it with wedges- NO FLATS!

I love the way black and white look together.

Pants: Express, Shirt: Nordstrom, Shoes: DSW

4 thoughts on “May 1st- Black and White”

  1. Yay! I’m planning a black/white outfit for later this week! Hope mine turns out a smashing as yours. And, per the Tim Gunn post, I’m tossing in a fun colored bag to give it a little pop. I bet you did too! Love — the other Megan who blogs about fashion over 40 (hee hee) xo

    1. Actually, I didn’t- dumb me! I used my same old black purse. Shoot- I missed a great opportunity. Thanks for the reminder. Next time I will- and I’ll thank you (and Tim)! Can’t wait to see your black and white outfit!

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