May 3rd, Faux Pas

I know, I know- this is really tacky- some might even consider it a ‘faux pas’. I wore these pants Monday and here I am wearing them again- but you know what, I don’t care!

Originally I was planning on wearing this cute bright yellow top with a black pencil skirt and black blazer- but then I walked into my closet and saw these pants from the other day and I thought- oh wow- the buttons on this top match these pants perfectly.

But, I thought- I can’t wear them again, I just wore them.

Then I thought- who cares!

It seems so much more ‘spring like’ than the dark black skirt and blazer- that outfit just seems so boring and predictable. The yellow paired with the white pants is a crisper, fresher look. Plus, look how much longer my legs look in the pants. Crazy, right?

The only concern would be ‘what shoes do you wear with this?’- and my answer is snakeskin! They are the perfect neutral shoe to blend this whole look together.

So, don’t judge me for the repeat pants, please?!!

Can you see the pearl buttons? They are the same shade of creamy white as these pants. I also have a necklace on that ties the colors together… sorry you can’t see it.

I love this silky bright top- it is a color I never really wear- and neon’s are really in this spring.  This is as close to neon as I’m willing to get! I know, my arms are bare and I need a belt- but hey, I never said I was a fashion expert!

Top: Loft, Pants: Express, Shoes: DSW

12 thoughts on “May 3rd, Faux Pas”

  1. You look great!! I’m never oppossed to wearing something more than once during the week!!

      1. Thanks! I’m not opposed to wearing the same jeans a few times in a week- I do that all the time, but something as distinct as white bootleg pants feels a little strange, but that being said- oh well! I did it anyway!
        Thanks for commenting!

  2. I love it! I have a “go to” shoe that is always my answer to that question of what shoes to wear when I’m dressed up: low (2 inch) heels that are the same color as my skin. I don’t wear heels higher than that, and they look great with everything, even navy. I noticed celebs wearing them 2 years ago, and I’m just on the trend now. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I wore black heels!

      1. Mine are Easy Spirit patent taupe heels from Macy’s. They are really comfortable, yet stylish. I love the patent leather.

  3. I read an article where the author said that no one pays attention to what pants you wear, only the tops. She did an experiment where she wore the same black pants all week and nobody noticed!

    1. That’s what I was going to respond – I read the same thing !
      I also figure it doesnt count (wearig the same item twice in one week ) as long as your going somewhere different /different people ……like to work on monday and then to a dinner on thursday

      1. after giving it some thought, I dont think I “read”it – I think it was on The Nate Burkus Show…it was a segment on shopping your closet and puting together like 30 outfits using certain pieces. One of the tricks was to re-wear bottoms, more focus on switching tops & Nate made a comment about “people will think you only own 2 pairs of pants” and the presenter answered that its been shown no one notices ! He has pretty good fashion segments

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