May 6th, Leggings with a Tunic

I was so comfy the other day when I wore my leggings with a dress, that I wanted to try it again today. It’s amazing how comfy and warm this is!

Last summer I picked up this fun printed dress off the clearance rack at Target. It’s really too short (for someone my age) to wear all alone- so I paired it with black cropped leggings, a black cardigan and black sandals. Now it’s more age appropriate and a great casual and comfy weekend outfit.

As you know, I rarely wear prints- so this a stretch for me- but I like it!

6 thoughts on “May 6th, Leggings with a Tunic”

  1. I love the bold colors of the dress/top and the pairing of the cardigan and leggings. A great look!

  2. oh i LOVE this look! cute dress and yes with leggings it looks awesome! great colors. I wore leggings with long shirts/dresses all last year while pregnant and I’ve noticed I don’t do this with my normal wardrobe. It’s so comfy and warm. I am looking to bring more of this back into my closet!

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