May 9th, Shoe Issue

Bad news, I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot, which means I have to be really careful about what shoes I wear.

However, no matter how bad it gets, you will not see me in the outfit on the right*. I promise!

I don’t even know where to begin on this look- but let’s start with the shirt tucked in to the high waisted mom jeans.

This is not flattering at all. The cut of these jeans is really bad- the length is too short, making my legs look short), the waistband is way too high and the wide hip/ thigh area is also not doing me any favors. All in all, YIKES! All that and I haven’t even mentioned the tennis shoes, which complete the look- making it ugly from head to toe.

That being said, for the next few days I will only be wearing supportive shoes that help my foot heel. I may even break out the Birkenstocks- so if you see me out and about- please don’t laugh- or judge!

The good news is that because of my ‘shoe issue’ I’ve learned a little lesson about judging other people’s shoes.

I know, if makes me sound like a horrible person, but sometimes when I’d see someone wearing ugly shoes- I would judge them. Not in a mean way, but I would wonder about their shoe choice!

Now I realize, who knows what feet issues they may be dealing with?

So, on that note- I will no longer judge people because of their footwear.

However, if you have foot pain- and you must wear your orthopedic/ comfy/ ugly shoes, please promise me to put some effort into the rest of your outfit!

Speaking of cute outfits- linking up to Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday! Check it out!

I love this bright green top, and paired with the cropped jeans it makes for a cute, casual outfit.

Shirt: Marshalls, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Puma

*Yes, I’ve shown this photo before- but it bears repeating.

It looks like many of us suffer from foot pain! Thanks so much to all of you who have shared your stories! I’ve spent the last hour on The Walking Company website looking for a cute, supportive shoe. Here is one I found- and may order! Tell me what you think!

27 thoughts on “May 9th, Shoe Issue”

  1. OUCH! Love the Pumas though. Got my pair a couple weeks ago and they are in heavy rotation (with lots of complements every time I wear them).

    1. same here – every time I wear those puma flats (or pump flats as I now refer to them due to incessant typos) someone comments on how cute they are. They are the best tip I’ve ever received.

  2. Such a brave little fashion soldier !
    Back in my 20’s ( the height of vanity) when I broke my toe & had to wear ugly shoes I actually wrapped my ankle (cuz no one could see my toe) so people would see i had an injury – it was either that or wearing a sign around my neck

  3. Sorry about your poor feet! I’m eager to learn about other comfy but cute shoes you find. I lived in fabulous heels, cute little flats, impractical sandals, etc., until my very high arches forced me into more “practical” shoes. If I don’t wear decent shoes, I honestly can’t walk. I am on a quest for shoes that are good for my feet but don’t make me look like I’m 80 and have no fashion sense. So, you are definitely not alone!

    1. I’ve had plantars fasciitis on and off for the last 20 years. Do your stretches and take advil and when all else fails cortisone shots(horrible). Ballet flats are the absolute worse shoes to wear–sorry. You need something with an arch and a little heel. Sometimes the dr prescribes orthotics. It’s hard to find shoes that fit those. You can find stylish shoes–once I find a brand(s) I stick to them. It takes a while so be patient.

      1. Thanks for the support! These are great ideas. I got orthotics for my workout shoes, but I think I may need them for other shoes too (sadly). I’ve looking into other arch support products, like one that is held onto your foot using a stretchy band that goes over the foot. May be rubbish, but it would help with rain boots and stuff like that. Thanks again!

  4. Love your blog and I love this Shirt! Looks comfy And Cute! I am a big fan of my Birkenstocks but after 8+ years I am ready for a new style. What do you think of Gizeh Birko-Flor style?? The look is similar to the trends for summer but in a comfy way. If only I could decide on a color!!

  5. Last spring/summer when I left Seattle and moved to a sunnier climate I was wearing flip flops and ballet flats all the time. It took a toll on my feet. I got some fitflops in black patent. Plenty of arch support and a little height. They have worked wonders for my feet. They are not my cutest sandals, but they are a great compromise!

  6. I’m a certified foot care nurse; all of my clients have to wear “ugly shoes.” That being said, look around your city/town for a shoe store that knows how to fit people with foot problems. I’m sure there are stores in all major centres across North America who sell good-looking, comfortable, foot-problem-friendly shoes. I send clients to such stores all the time. You don’t have to wear ugly shoes just because your feet need extra help. Glad you shared your plantar fasciatis issue – many people can relate.

  7. Another chronic sufferer here, too! I refuse to give up running (though now relegated to a treadmill) and just manage the pain. I found a pair of leopard print Crocs that I wear ALL THE TIME and get tons of compliments. They are supportive enough and no one guesses they are Crocs. How’s that for a solution?!

  8. I have been fighting plantar fasciitis for a year now. My doctor told me to wear running shoes. I found some nice black ones. Although they are not stylish, they look better than clunky white ones. I’m still trying on different shoes to find some that won’t hurt my feet and look decent!

  9. Ouch!! Sorry for your pain. I can’t wait to see what you find for shoes! I’ve had foot surgery 3 times, and my dr says I need clown style shoes (tight in the heel, big in the toes)–his actual words!! I do wear an arch insert when I can but most cute shoes don’t fit an insert!

    1. Great suggestions! I’ve checked out their websites- and both have great shoes! Thank you so much for passing this along.

  10. I suffer too and love my fitflops! I was just looking at the cute, new rhinestone pairs at Nordstrom today. For other shoes, I have been using the Dr. Scholl’s pads for heel problems and they help a lot. I insert them into boots, flats, even my TOMS and they have been a huge relief. I buy them at Target and have about three sets to rotate between. Stretching helps too… Good luck!

    1. I am so bummed- a few months ago in a major closet clean out, I donated my Fitflops to the Goodwill- thinking they were too clunky and not very cute. Now I wish I’d saved them… Darn!
      The rhinestone ones are adorable, and they really are very comfy shoes!
      Thanks for writing!

  11. For the best shoes, you MUST try Dansko! They don’t feel like slippers, but at the end of the day, you have NO pain! They are amazing! I reccomend the original clog style w the back on it. Seriously….MUST TRY! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the tip- I went out and bought some Danskos and will model them tomorrow! They are extremely comfy, you were right!

  12. ouchy! I hope you’ll recover soon. You are right about not judging footwear because of foot issues (you never know). I’ve often shyed away from cute shoes or heels because they are so uncomfortable for my large & wide feet. I agree about Dansco’s & Keens are super comfy too. I too received a pair of the Puma’s for my birthday (on your reccomendation) and am getting tons of compliments. So glad you shared them, as I am always looking for a way to stay COMFY and stylish.

    1. Same foot problem here and left foot is the worst.I understand the pain and trying to find cute, stylish, but comfy shoes.I still have some flipflops and cute ballet flats, but only wear the for very short periods of time and not if I’ll be standing. I’ve found that Clark’s and several other brands have stylish and supportive shoes. The foot excerises help, but the greatest relief from pain is wearing good supportive shoes. A slight heel helps,definitely some arch support and no more 4″ heels. There are some very stylish supportive shoes out there, it just takes longer to find them.

      1. Thanks so much for writing! I’ll check out Clarks for some cute shoes, great tip!
        This foot pain issue has really struck a nerve- there are so many of us with feet pain! Surely designers will start making some really stylish options. I found some cute Dansko’s that I’ll be showing tomorrow! Be sure to check back then!

  13. Megan, I have a question about your Old Navy jeans. What style are they? Cropped? Or straight leg and you’ve just cuffed them up? I really like them but Old Navy has so many to choose from I’d have a difficult time finding them. What size are they if you don’t mind me asking. Thanks and love the outfits you post!

    1. Hi Beth, I answered the question above regarding what style (Diva), but left out a few details. The Old Navy jeans come in short, regular and long. I chose short, and then I cuff them to make them look like cropped jeans. The size is 4.
      I really appreciate you taking the time to write, and hope this helps! 🙂

      1. I just bought a pair of these today and really like them. Especially the great price! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. I’d also like to ask the same question about the Old Navy jeans in your wardrobe…you reference a few pairs and wondered what style you are buying that look so cute!! Love your blog – it has been an inspiration for me to get out of my old clothes habits!

    1. Thanks Sarah!My Old Navy jeans are Diva style- and I roll the cuffs to make them look cropped. I am curvy, so this style works best for my figure!
      I’m so glad you like my blog and have been inspired to get out of some old habits! It’s a lot of fun to do!

      1. thx for sharing the style name! we’ve all been wondering. and I never would have known they weren’t capris. Now that I look I see they are longer than most capris. I am going to check them out too! 🙂

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