May 10th, Black Patent Birks

Thanks to everyone for their comments yesterday. I really appreciate hearing all the suggestions of comfortable shoes and brands! I’m excited to have learned of so many new options and it’s nice to know I’m not alone in my foot issues.

I will admit though- finding a way to wear supportive shoes combined with an outfit for work is a challenge!

I decided to go with my patent leather Birks- these aren’t the cutest shoe out there- but they aren’t the ugliest either. They are vey comfortable and offer the arch support I need to help with my planter fasciitis.

Today I’m wearing white skinny jeans paired with a black and white checked shirt. Alone, this looks a little plain and needed a little something to make it more stylish.

The outfit on the left is a major improvement.  Here I’ve tucked in the shirt, unbuttoned a few buttons (I have a white tank on underneath) and added a pink braided belt & this bright pink cardigan. Now it looks cute- and no one will even notice my shoes!

Sorry these pictures are so blurry, not sure what the problem is.

The black Birks are comfy- and offer the arch support I need.
Sweater: Nordstrom, Jeans: J Crew, Shirt: J Crew, Belt: Target, Shoes: Birkenstock

5 thoughts on “May 10th, Black Patent Birks”

  1. I love this outfit, it’s so cute! I’m definitely going to have to get a pink cardi for Spring.

  2. Speaking of feet/shoes, I really like the Puma flats you wear and was thinking of getting a pair, but I have flat feet and need good arch support (my ankles turn in with regular, cheap ballet flats). Do they have pretty good support/structure (or could I at least put an orthotic in them)?

    1. Hi! The Puma’s probably aren’t the best for support, but they aren’t the worst either. I am able to insert a (over the counter) orthotic in to them, which helps. The test (according to the shoe salesman at REI) is to see if you can fold a shoe in half. If you can- there is not enough support for your arch. The Puma’s toe folds a bit, but there is a pretty strong support in the middle. They definitely are comfortable- and cuter than regular tennis shoes. Thanks for writing!

  3. Cute, cute, cute. And while I love a darling pair of shoes, I can relate to the need for comfort. Recently had a plantar’s wart burned out (11 on the pain scale) and it was weeks before I could walk without wanting to cry!

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