May 15th, Another Day, Another Dress

 I had so much fun wearing a dress yesterday (and received lots of compliments :)) that I decided to wear another one today,  especially since I have to go to work! This dress is so much fun to wear.  It’s summery, cute and makes me feel like a 1950’s housewife!

On the right I have paired it with a blue cardigan. The dark blue seems so wintery with this light dress, and I don’t like it buttoned up- it seems too wintery.

The yellow blazer is so much brighter- and summery. Since I’m wearing this for work- the blazer adds a little more professionalism to the look. You might notice I decided to keep my neckline bare- thinking there is enough going on with the dress. Lastly, I’m wearing heels- which could be a problem for my foot issue! I’ll let you know how it goes!

I’ve said this a million times but a dress is such an easy way to look put together! The best part is, I’ve found lots of cute dresses at Marshalls and TJ Maxx!

I love this blazer with the dress!
If you don’t have a blazer- but need something to keep warm, wear a cardigan, but unbutton it!
If it’s really hot, wear it alone! You may want to add a little necklace or something though!

Dress: Marshalls, Shoes: Nordstrom, Yellow Blazer: Nordstrom, Cardigan: H&M

4 thoughts on “May 15th, Another Day, Another Dress”

  1. Loving this dress! I notice the cardigan is H&M. I’ve never shopped there, but we’re getting one at our local mall this summer. How do their clothes fit? I’ve always thought of them as a “juniors” type store (like Charlotte Russe & American Eagle) whose clothes I feel fit snugly. I typically go up a size from my normal at places like that. Is H&M similar?

    1. You know with H&M is really depends- I’ve bought items in several different sizes- so you really need to try everything on! I do tend to go up a size when shopping at these ‘teeny bopper’ type stores- but H&M has a section geared towards women more my age- so the clothes are cut a bit different. It’s a fun place to find ‘fast fashion’- items that are trendy and fun, but not all that well made! It’s definitely hit or miss, some days I go in and can’t find a thing, and then others- I totally score! Good luck and thanks so much for writing!

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