May 20th, Weekend Casual

 Sorry for the delayed post, I’ve been cleaning my house this morning, and you definitely didn’t want yo see what I was wearing then.

Now I need to run a few errands, so I threw on a pair of cuffed jeans, a white cotton shirt (with cute button detail down the front) and then added a black vest to keep me warm.

Nothing earth shattering, nothing very fashionable- but my husband thought it looked cute, and that’s all that matters! 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday!

These Puma’s are the perfect weekend shoe- comfy, cute and casual!


7 thoughts on “May 20th, Weekend Casual

  1. I love this outfit! As the at home mom of preschooler I find that combination an easy, “go to” look for days where we are just hanging out or going to the park or running errands. I like your details though – cute white shirt w/ buttons, etc. Makes all the difference!

    Any chance you’d do a post on your thoughts of what to wear on a trip to Disney Land? We are headed there in six weeks and I’m already thinking about what to wear that is cute for pictures but comfortable for spending the day & night on my feet at the park.

    • Absolutely! I am going to start doing a ‘readers questions’ every Thursday. I already have a question for this week- but check back next week and I’ll address Disneyland. That should still give you plenty of time to prepare. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • They are from Old Navy (Diva style) and they are actually regular jeans that I cuffed. The jeans come in short, regular and long, and I bought the short and just rolled the hem twice. I like the way they fit my curvy body!

      • Thanks for the info!

        I’ve said it before, but I really appreciate the time you take to create this blog — I am fashion challenged and I am not looking for anything uber-trendy, just stylish and appropriate for my lifestyle with kids. Thank you!

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