May 22nd, Bootleg Jeans

Although I don’t wear this style often, I do love my bootleg jeans. They are a great alternative to my skinny jeans- plus they make my legs look really long (just be sure to pair them with heels)!

Today I decided to pair my jeans with a cute new blazer I just picked up.

I was super excited when I found this one on the clearance rack at Kohl’s for $12. It’s got everything I would want- it’s a soft jersey cotton, has stripes and also has a peplum- which is very on trend right now.

To keep the look light and ‘springy’ I’ve paired it with this bright tank and open toed sandals. It’s a lot better than the look on the right- yet achieves the same effect of layering- jeans, shirt, sweater (or blazer).

Jeans: Paige Premium Denim (Nordstrom), Tank: Gap, Blazer: Kohl’s, Shoes: Loft

4 thoughts on “May 22nd, Bootleg Jeans”

  1. that’s a great blazer! love the boot cuts jeans too! I am enjoying my new diva jeans 2 pairs (black & jean color). A thought I had the other day….You touch on the fact they are jeans rolled up to be capris, but this is HUGE Megan. What a great tip to do this with all the skinny jeans in your wardrobe! They work perfectly as capris and give you so many options. Others may have known this but since I don’t often wear them I hadn’t even considered it. I told a girlfriend about it and the next time I saw her she was doing it too. Might be a good topic to expand on so that your audience can pick up.

  2. You may have just inspired me to get pull my poor little neglected boot cut jeans out and style them again. Skinnies and toothpick jeans have kinda wrecked me for them for awhile, but you are rocking these with that cute blazer and that makes me want to rock mine. I think they’re fun folded into big cuffs too, with a cute flip flop or flat and a summery tee. (The casual ones , not your dressed up black ones, of course.) I saw a striped blazer similar to yours at GAP over the weekend in case your readers want to check that one out.

    Here’s a link: (GAP striped blazer.)

    Love, the other Megan who blogs about personal style over 40

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